The Faculty of Law of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

The Faculty of Law carries out training of legal personnel in the specialty "Jurisprudence" in the correspondence form of obtaining higher education on a fee basis.
Collective of the Faculty of Law


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Managment of the Faculty

Vasily Nevmerzhitsky

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law

Vasily Nevmerzhitsky

Brief Background

In 1975 he graduated from Minsk Special Secondary School of Militia of a name of M. V. Frunze of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 1981 he graduated from the Leningrad Higher Political School named after the 60th anniversary of the Komsomol of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the Internal Affairs Bodies since 1973. Served in the posts of junior, middle and senior commanders in various divisions of the ROVD of the Central Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1987-1988 he served as a senior inspector of the Faculty for Advanced Training, in 1989-2000 he worked as head of the course, in 2000-2003 - Deputy head of the Faculty of Militia, in 2003-2007 - Deputy dean of the faculty of law, in 2007-2010 years and in 2011-2017 years - the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Deputy dean for educational work since August 2017.

V. Nevmerzhitsky has state and departmental awards.

Valery Zhvansky

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law

Valery Zhvansky

Brief Background

In 1992 he graduated from the Simferopol Higher Military and Construction School. In 2005, he retrained in the Republican Institute of Higher School of the Republic of Belarus. In 2020, he graduated from the magistracy of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In 1992–1996, after graduating from the military construction college, he served in various positions in the Armed Forces. In the internal affairs bodies since 1996 – deputy head of the course of the department of personnel of the investigative-expert faculty of the Academy. In 2001–2010 served as head of the course for the marching of the investigative and expert faculty, in 2010–2015 he headed the department of ideological work of the Academy, then he held the post of deputy chief of the criminal-executive faculty for personnel work. in 2018–2019 – Deputy Head of the Academy for the marching. Since March 2019 – Deputy Head of the Academy. Deputy dean for educational work since July 2020.

He was awarded with medals "For impeccable service" of III and II degrees, anniversary and commemorative medals. Honored with other awards and rewards.
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Preparatory courses for centralized testing
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The preparation of the applicants is carried out in a foreign language (English, German), social studies and the Russian language.

Faculty: history and modern period

The main tasks of the faculty are: organization and implementation of the educational process at the faculty; organization and conduct of educational work with students on the formation of professionally significant qualities of personality, defined qualification characteristics of the graduate of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; conducting career-oriented work aimed at employing students to serve in the internal affairs bodies; formation of off-budget sources of financing for the development of the material and technical base of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Faculty of Law is a structural subdivision of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs since September 1, 2001. Formed in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of February 28, 2001. The first head of the Faculty (2001-2004) was the colonel of militia Viktor Nestyuk.

Training of lawyers on terms of full reimbursement of tuition fees in 2001-2010 was carried out in day and correspondence forms of higher education in two specialties: "Economic Law" (specialization "Legal support of commercial activities") and "Jurisprudence" (specialization "Judicial prosecutorial , "Economic Law", "Customs Law", "Legal Psychology"). In day time students studied with secondary education (five years), on correspondence with secondary education (six years), secondary special legal and higher non-legal education (four years).

In pursuance of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of June 26, 2003, "On the Participation of Citizens in Protecting Public Order", 88 students received work experience in the territorial voluntary squad of the Soviet district of Minsk, 7 volunteers were encouraged by the district administration, and 4 were awarded by the head Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for participating in the disclosure of crimes.

The faculty developed socio-cultural and sports activities. So, as part of the amateur talent group of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, students participated in concerts for the children of the “Zubrenok” pioneer camp, the Volozhin children's home, the concert-action "For Strong and Prosperous Belarus". Students of the Faculty of Law A. Logvin (prize-winner of the World Sambo Championship, judo champion), T. Andrianets (champion and prize-winner of the European Sambo and Judo Championships), C. Tymoshenko (winner of the World and European Championship in judo), M. Ostapchuk (world champion in Muay Thai).

Currently on the faculty continues the tradition of carrying out solemn rituals of handing out record books and student tickets, arranging briefings, thematic meetings, consultations with faculty, individual professional orientation discussions aimed at increasing interest in studies, service in internal affairs bodies, and strengthening cooperation with employees of practical units of law enforcement agencies. Successfully defend the sporting honor of the country's master of sports of international class in sambo I. Aniskevich (world champion in 2016, repeated winner of the world championships and Europe) and L. Abbasova (silver medalist of the world championships and Europe).

Students are enrolled in two courses of correspondence education for specialization "Judicial-prosecutorial and investigative activities" and "Administrative and legal activity" of the specialty "Jurisprudence". Individuals with secondary and secondary special education enter the first year and study for five years, and with higher non-legal education - for the third year and study for three years. Today, most students of the faculty are employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies. Graduates of the Faculty of Law receive a diploma from the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior in the specialty "Jurisprudence" with the qualification "Lawyer".