Cadets of the Academy are Prize-Winners of the Contest "Alma Mater Hymn"

The competition "Alma Mater Hymn" was held with the participation of seven Belarusian universities. The current forum, the 11th in a row, has become a real festival of creativity.

The representatives of the military faculty of the Belarusian State University of Information Technologies, the Military Technical Department of the Belarusian National Technical University, the Military Academy, the Civil Defense University of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Border Guard Service, the Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, of course, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed their desire to flaunt their talent. The immediate organizers of the event were the department of ideological work and the primary organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union of the Militia University.

Cadets in verse and song form told about the chosen profession, their faculties and universities. Creative competitions traditionally took place in two categories: the poetic one - "Crystal Feather" and the musical one - "The Golden Lyre". In each, eight works were presented that won the qualifying stages of the competition.

Opening the event, the chairman of the jury - the deputy head of the Academy of the Interior Ministry, colonel of militia Valentin Tsurko noted:

- The "Alma Mater Hymn" is one of the most remarkable traditions of our educational institution. Thanks to the creative forum, many have even more opportunities to realize their talent. But it is really important for a young man today to reveal his abilities and find an application to creativity.

The fact that the future officers are really talented, said the Belarusian playwright Alexei Dudarev, who was also a member of the jury and at the end of the competition presented awards to the contestants. All performances turned out to be so bright, strong, memorable, that it was difficult for invited experts to make assessments. As a result, the prize places were distributed as follows:

in the nomination "Crystal Feather":

first place - Alexander Savchuk (University of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations);
second place - Vadim Lapankov (Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs);
third place - Kristina Guter (Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs);

in the nomination "Golden Lira":

first place - Nikita Kovalenko and Arthur Kutsko (Military Academy);
second place - Nikita Soha, Nikita Demyanov and Vyacheslav Bachinskiy (Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs);
third place - Vladislav Zakhariev, Victoria Kovchik, Anastasia Petritskaya (Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Sergey Chebotarev,
Press Office