Champion Cup - At the Team of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Minsk regional self-defense championship of BSS “Dynamo” gathered nine teams, among which the team of the leading militia university of Belarus was the strongest.

On November 1, Minsk hosted the personal-team championship of the Minsk Inter-Territorial Organizational Structure of BSS Dynamo. By tradition, the team of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in the competition, once again confirming its high level of training. In various weight categories, our athletes won a full set of awards.

The teams of the State Border Committee and the University of Civil Defense of the Ministry of Emergency Situations formed the main competition for the team of the militia university, which eventually took second and third places respectively. Masters of sports, champions and prize-winners of the republic traditionally gathered in the ranks of opponents. True, in our team the backbone consists of titled athletes. It is not surprising that the prizes were taken by representatives of the department of professional-applied physical training: “silver” - from police major Roman Ravko, as well as senior police lieutenants Pavel Novichkov and Vadim Rudko. "Bronze" was won by the lecturer of the department, senior police lieutenant Maxim Kazacjonok.

Showed themselves and the cadets. For many of them, the “general rehearsal” was held just a week ago during the championship of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior in sambo. The winners of university competitions - junior police sergeant Yevgeny Dashuk (1 course of the penitentiary department) and private police Roman Damiev (3 “B” course of the police department) took the “gold” in the current championship. The silver medalists in their weight categories were ordinary militia Denis Barkovets (2 "B" FM ​​course), Islam Kachabekov (2 "A" FM) and Alexander Lelyukov (1 course of the investigative faculty).

The fact that the team of police alma mater took the first line of the tournament table is, of course, the merit of not only athletes, but also the coach - associate professor of the PPPP department, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sport of Belarus Anton Novik, who for many years prepares the national team of the university for sambo and self-defense.

Anastasia Voinova, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Photo of the Department of Applied Physical Training