Open Lecture on the Centenary of the Criminal Investigation Department

On the day of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the criminal investigation department, an open lecture was held at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is symbolic that it was read by the Deputy Head of the Department of Operational-Search Activity of the Faculty of Militia by the candidate of law sciences lieutenant colonel of police Dmitry Lakhtikov.

Open lectures at the academy are always an event. After all, they are read by the most prepared teachers, not only deeply aware of the content of the academic discipline, but also able to bring it to the audience in a bright, creative manner. Teachers share the invaluable experience of their practical work, reveal the secrets of pedagogical skills, demonstrate the most advanced techniques.

Such a lecture was given to cadets of the 4th year of the Faculty of Militia on educational discipline "Organization and tactics of the activities of criminal investigation departments of the Department of Internal Affairs". Revealing the secrets of the future profession, the teacher from the first minute seized the attention of future officers.  

Teachers also had something to learn from this lecture: the proposed reading technique is the result of a pedagogical experiment conducted at the department. In addition to the supporting positions of the lecture, which systematically systematized theoretical material as accurately as possible, the lecturer used interactive methods of interaction with the audience, and as part of the analysis of specific practical situations, he demonstrated the features of the simulation game.

Fluency in the subject, a clear manner of presenting the material, a well thought out and perfected technique - these components make up the success of an open lecture. And behind all this is the daily hard work of the teacher and the entire teaching staff of the department.

As part of the educational process, the Department of Operational-Search Activity of the Faculty of Militia organized a lecture lesson on the academic discipline “Operational-Search Activity of the ATS”. The lecture was delivered by the head of the third department of the main department for combating economic crimes of criminal police of the Ministry of Interior, police colonel Vladimir Barkovsky.

During the lesson, the police colonel spoke to the third-year cadets on the organization and tactics of conducting operational search activities. He dwelt at length on topical issues of law enforcement and the problems faced by practitioners in countering crime.

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