Charitable Action "To School With a Good Heart"

The cadets of the Academy rendered assistance to the children's home No. 3. By the Day of Knowledge, future officers are preparing with a good heart.

Cadets of the Faculty of Corrections take an especially active part in the republican charitable action. At this time, the cadets visited the children's home No. 3.

The territory of the institution is quite large, and it was a difficult task to improve it. Cadets approached to business creatively, responsibly, with enthusiasm. Worked together, as is customary in a close-knit cadet team.

The most difficult thing is to paint the fence. For this, the guys carried out the necessary preparatory work. It is important to do everything not only neatly, but also qualitatively, so that the result will long rejoice the employees and pupils of the children's home. From the first minutes it was clear that the cadets will succeed.
The management of the children's home expressed gratitude to the representatives of the Academy.