Forward to the Victory! The Academy Hosted Sports Festival For the First-Year Recruits

Every August a militia alma mater holds a sports festival for its recruits. Five teams fought for victory.

The program of the competitions was opened by the relay race. They had to run in bulletproof vests and with other personal protective equipment.

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The winner and the silver medalist, who were divided by only one point, became teams of the 1 "A" and the 1 "B" courses of the militia faculty respectively. The third honorary place took investigative-expert faculty. So the recruits got their first awards - an excellent start on the cadet's path in four years' length.

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Head of the Academy major-general of militia Vladimir Bachyla congratulated the winners, gave them cups, diplomas and sports equipment. The leader wished success to all participants both in sports and in studies.

Anastasia Voinova. Photo by the author