Celebrate New Year Together with the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is a good tradition - on the eve of the New Year to hold a costume festival for toddlers.

This year the department of ideology together with the youth "primary school" of the university organized an exciting event for the children of employees of the militia alma mater. Funny dances, songs, sweet gifts created the appropriate atmosphere.

The cadets of the police department for a while broke up with the police uniform and turned into fairy-tale heroes. Children together with Ded Moroz, Snegovick, Bremen musicians and other fairy-tale characters saved the New Year from robbers.

After completing all the tasks, the children read poetry and sang songs to Ded Moroz and Snegovik, for which they received holiday gifts. When all the presents were handed over, dancing began near the Christmas tree under incendiary New Year's compositions. The event was held for the first time in the renovated sports hall of the university, so the guys could play with fairy-tale characters in football, darts and other outdoor games.

Not only cadets, but also academy officers could become fabulous characters for a while. The deputy head of the ideological work department, lieutenant colonel of militia Andrei Nekhvedovich for a time changed the militia uniform to Ded Moroz's red coat and together with Snegurochka, cadet 3 "B" of the course of the faculty of militia Oksana Tsiunel congratulated about 60 children, and at the same time their parents - their colleagues.

A lot of events took place within the framework of the republican action "Our Children". So, sophomores of the Faculty of Militia of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in the Christmas charity ball, held at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. After the introductory words, gallant and courageous gentlemen from a militia academy were invited to a waltz of beautiful and graceful representatives of the University of Culture.

The festive evening was remembered not only by dances, but also by a competitive program. So, the best couple were chosen, dance master classes were held and much more. The magic atmosphere was created by live music - the orchestra of the University of Culture "Svetoch" performed. All the money raised at the ball was sent to help the Zhodino preschool orphanage.

In one of the capital's cafes, the Belarusian Children's Hospice organized a New Year's holiday for disabled children. Cadets of 1 "A" course with the support of the psychological support department became participants in this charity event. Freshmen during the event helped the organizers of the holiday, met and provided the necessary assistance to visitors.

Cadets 2 "A" of the course of the faculty of militia, along with the chief of the course, Major of Militia Dmitry Kulik, went to the capital boarding school No. 7 to give her pupils a real holiday, to surround the children with care. Kids participated in various competitions, circled in round dances around the New Year tree and received gifts from Santa Claus. Future officers from the faculty of corrections visited orphanage No. 3. On the eve of the visit, the UIF collected money and bought shoes and clothes for 64 children.

Sergey Chebotarev,
Press Office.
Photo by the author