In the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a Graduate of the Correspondence Students

In the Academy diplomas were awarded on the successful completion of an educational institution and the assignment of a "lawyer" qualification to graduates of a correspondence department.

Today the academy was in a special mood from the very morning. The day that 512 graduates so long waited: the students of the correspondence department of the faculty of advanced training and retraining of the leading cadres and students of the faculty of law, presented not only the atmosphere of the holiday, but also excellent sunny weather.

Numerous guests, among them the leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the Internal Affairs Directorate of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, veterans of law enforcement agencies, representatives of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, journalists and, of course, parents and close friends of graduates created a special solemnity. Excited themselves are the culprits of the celebration. After all, on them - the smart and serious, standing on the parade academy in the training groups, all eyes were turned.

Removal of the Banner of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the report of the chief of the educational institution of Major-General Vladimir Bachila militia general to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant-General Igor Shunevich about readiness for the release - this was the beginning of the solemn ritual.

- For all of us this issue is special. It is held in the year of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Academy, - Vladimir Vladimirovich addressed with a salutatory word. - Dear graduates! The profession of a lawyer is among those that require impeccable compliance with the law and ensure the rule of law. Our time is full of different events, difficult situations, when it is often difficult to find the right solution. Therefore, it is especially important for an ordinary citizen to know that there are those who are able to help alongside, standing up for the protection of the interests of the state and society, constitutional human rights and freedoms. I'm sure that studying at the academy will remain for you one of the brightest pages of life. We sincerely hope that we have helped you to finally determine the direction of professional development and career growth.

And here it is - the central moment of the ritual: "Academy! Equal! Carefully! Diplomas of higher education to make! ". After receiving from the hands of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the head of the academy and honorary guests of diplomas and breastplates of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a resonant threefold "Hurray" sounded over the parade ground of the university and the National Anthem of Belarus accompanied by the orchestra of the Interior Ministry troops.

Igor Shunevich congratulated the graduated lawyers on the holiday:

- I would like to express my gratitude today to the faculty members of the Academy who have been carrying out an important and honorable mission for many decades - train law enforcement officers for the whole law-enforcement system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A low bow for their painstaking and cordial work. Dear colleagues! I wish you all health, professional growth and all of you, in practice, to translate your knowledge, skills and skills that were received within the walls of our home academy.

For the shown professional initiative and high performance in the official activity, the first deputy head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, colonel of militia Aleksey Bashan was awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Gratitude was announced to the head of the department of psychology and pedagogy, the police colonel Vitaly Stukanov and the head of the distance learning department of the faculty for advanced training and retraining of leading cadres to the police lieutenant-colonel Elena Okolo-Kulak.

For the achievement of high results in official work, active participation in the public life of the Academy, a number of today's graduates of the correspondence department and the faculty of law were awarded the head of the university with a breastplate "Establish Adukaci" Academia of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. 60 year ".

Throughout its history, the Academy has trained more than 31 thousand specialists with higher legal education, including 5 ministers of internal affairs of Belarus, including the incumbent - Igor Shunevich, said the head of the university. And he presented the 1992 graduate a smaller copy of "Cadet" - the central sculpture in the open day of the anniversary alma mater memorial "Avenue of Remembrance, Pride, Glory." In turn, the minister handed over to the head of the academy a gift certificate for an interactive system for monitoring and evaluating knowledge. Hardware and software system will open opportunities in the organization of training sessions with the use of multimedia technologies, will allow the testing and rating of various kinds, and when checking knowledge - even in very large audience - to track in-line mode, the problem areas for each student.

According to the tradition of the graduates, the representative of the Alexander Nevsky Church Dimitry Khoroshko blessed.

The holiday ended with the passage of yesterday's students and students with a solemn march in the training groups in front of the Academy's management, faculty and guests.

Bunches of flowers, a sea of photos for memory, friendly hugs with classmates, interviews in front of TV cameras, congratulations and sincere words of gratitude to their teachers - so this day will be remembered for the perpetrators of the celebration.

"My decision to enter the academy is due to the fact that I am firmly convinced that every employee of the internal affairs bodies is obliged to finish a specialized higher education institution," said Maxim Bliznyuk, a graduate of the university, a senior inspector of a militia, militarized and patrol group of the Pukhovichi department of the Security Department. "A wonderful base has been created here, and the faculty invests maximum efforts and efforts to prepare professionals for their work.

And the Inspector of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Pukhovichi ROVD, Senior Police Lieutenant Marina Maslennikova is convinced that she made the right choice in her time:

- It is difficult to work and study, but I want to say a big thank you to the teachers for the knowledge that they gave us. And a special thank you for today's holiday. Holding a diploma in my hands, I understand how important this is to me.

Dear graduates! The management and the faculty of the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior wish you luck and prosperity in all your endeavors!

Angelica Vyjak-Targonya,
the press-office of the Academy.
Photo by Albert Ermakov, Anastasia Voinova