Cadets for Сhildren: Taking Care of the Smallest

Cadets of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs visited the patronized orphanage. Charitable action was held on the International Children's Day.

On the first day of June, children and their parents are happy at the beginning of summer: warm days, sun, vacations. On the same day, since 1950, the International Children's Day is celebrated.

СThe family is an island of warmth and love, in which children feel safe. Unfortunately, there are still many children deprived of parental warmth and care. It is for these children that a charity event "Children's Day with the Belarusian Republican Youth Union" is held annually in Belarus. The main task is to provide targeted and patron care to children, preserve the traditions of charity and develop the volunteer movement.

On the eve of the holiday cadets 3 "V" of the course of the  Facultyof Militia of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs visited the children from the Zhdanovichsky orphanage. Those with great joy met their friends-cadets and enjoyed spending time with them for contests, games and parroting gifts. And in each of their visit cadets of the Academy help in the improvement of the building of the orphanage and the adjacent territory. Such help is always welcome.

Pupils of the orphanage always share cadets with stories from everyday life, feelings and joys, for in the few years of patronage over the orphanage, future officers have become not just guests, but friends and older brothers for these children.

Children's Day is not just a bright, cheerful holiday, but also an important reminder to the society about the need to protect the rights of the child, to make efforts to ensure that children grow up happy and healthy, learn and have the opportunity to do what they love, and in the future become worthy citizens of their country.

Yuri Chizhonkov, Faculty of Militia, 3 "V" course