On a Visit at Faculty - the Mountain Skier, the Participant of Olympic Games

At the faculty of corrections there was a meeting with Maria Shkanova, included in the top-30 slalom results in Pyeongchang-2018 and Sochi-2014.

It's an honor to be at the Olympics in the top thirty, although, of course, the athlete is always aimed at the highest result. The trainee was told about this by Belarusian skier Maria Shkanova, who finished 28th in winter Pyeongchang, having risen to a position higher than the result of four years ago.

"The second attempt turned out well, although it's always hard to start first. But the speed of the distance, the technique was not bad, - quoted Mary Shkanov BelTA during the Olympics-2018. - In general, my second start in the slalom was a bit chaotic, as I was late for it. Usually I approach the performance more calmly. In addition, Korea needs to adapt to the snow. It is different here from what is in Europe. When the bends of the ski lose speed, the snow is very hard. We need to be careful, but I love sharp turns. But she did it. I managed to improve my result in comparison with Sochi, where I was the 29th in slalom. This season is my highest position in this discipline. "

Olympics in Korea for the skier has already become the third. In the piggy bank athletes - gold, silver and bronze of the international winter Universiade and medals of many other sports forums. Speaking to the cadets of the Academy, the guest shared her opinion on the development of mountain skiing in Belarus and noted that a healthy lifestyle is an absolute requirement on the way to achieving the goal. When asked about the unrest before the start, Maria Shkanova replied that she was always worried, but it was much easier to gather for the first time at the first Olympic start. The sportswoman is assured: never it is impossible to lower hands if something has not turned out. Only a huge work on themselves will lead to the achievement of the goal.

GIOS of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Photo by Anastasia Drobyshevskaya,
Faculty of corrections, 1 course