Creative Contest "Alma Mater Hymn" Revealed the Talents of Cadets

Contest of author's poems and musical compositions "Alma Mater Hymn" collected cadets from various universities at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The traditional creative forum was held in two nominations - "Crystal Pen" and "Golden Lyre". In addition to cadets of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, representatives of paramilitary universities and faculties were invited to participate. So, on the stage, the talents of the Institute of Border Guard Service, Civil Defense University of the Emergencies Ministry, aviation faculty of the Military Academy, military-technical faculty of the Belarusian National Technical University, military faculty of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics presented their poems and songs on the stage.

One of the organizers of the contest - the secretary of the primary organization of the BRSM of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Antonina Borshchun told about the selection process:

- The faculties offered many candidates, and it was not easy to select the best. The concepts of patriotism, youth initiative, creative expression are especially close to the representatives of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, therefore our primary organization made every effort to make such works sound in the nominations.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the profession of the law enforcer were dedicated to the creative work of cadets of the Faculty of Militia - poet Oleg Dementei (2nd year), bards Alexey Gesov (3 "V" course) and Gleb Zamkovets (3 "A" course).

Representatives of the BRYU, the ideological work department and the most creative staff of the university together with the cadets discussed the nuances of the speeches, made adjustments, and worked out the scenario of the whole contest. The "Alma Mater Hymn" should had to become a reflection of the cadet talent, so both the presenters and performers of popular songs during the "musical pause" were selected from the cadets.

The jury evaluated objectively the participants. The fate of the contestants was decided by independent experts: invited guests - a member of the public council at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor Nikolai Shchyokin, Deputy Head of the Information Programs Department of the Radio Station "Stalitsa" Elena Davydova, Secretary of the Primary Organization of the Belarusian Youth Union of Maxim Tanka Belarusian State Pedagogical University Yulia Dovger Academy of the Ministry of the Interior - deputy head of the institution, colonel of militia Alexander Brisyuk (chairman of the jury) and professor of the department of psychology and pedagogy candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor Vasily Golubev. By the way, Vasily Golubev stood at the origins of the creation of the "Alma mater" anthem and contributed to the formation of strict criteria for assessing performances.

Thematic consistency, rich content, originality, literacy, artistry, the transfer of mood and feelings - all these components are particularly evident in the work of the cadets of the Academy of the Ministry of Interior: in both nominations - victory. The second and third places among the poets were occupied by Julian Satsuk (Civil Defense University of the Ministry for Emergency Situations) and Konstantin Burakov (Military Academy) respectively. In the musical nomination the second prize-winners were cadets of the Civil Protection University of the Ministry for Emergency Situations - Alexander Demyanchik, Pavel Kanash and Pavel Mikyanets created a really incendiary trio. The third place was occupied by Evgenia Levkovich (Institute of Frontier Service). In the creative contest, the only fair sex did not become a winner, but she won the audience and the jury. For the charm, melodic voice and beautiful words of the song to the girl was presented with a gift from the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

The opinion of the music and poetry forum was shared by the Deputy Chief of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for ideological work and personnel provision, Colonel of the Militia Alexander Brisyuk:

- During its existence, the contest "Alma Mater Hymn" proved that its participants are a person of Belarussian youth. The children successfully combine creative work with study, service, participation in public life of their educational institutions and faculties. I am sincerely glad that these talented young people gathered in the walls of our school. Today's contest once again proved that not the first, second and third places in the nominations are important, but the content of poems and songs, the meaning that the authors put into their speeches. In the presented works of art, patriotism, pride in their educational institutions and faculties, devotion to the chosen profession were indeed reflected.

Anastasia Voinova,
Press Office.
Photo by the author
and Alexei Petrovich,
Faculty of Militia, 2 "V" course