Charitable Action of the Youth Union "Restoration of the Holy Places of Belarus"

Future officers helped in the preparation of the celebration of the Bright Sunday.

At 1 "B" course of the Fuculty of Militia, it has become a tradition to participate in the republic charity event of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union "Restoration of the holy places of Belarus".

- For young people, the best way to self-development, education of humanity is to provide assistance and selfless work. Helping themselves to become better, the guys at the same time make a feasible contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage, traditions, - noted Antonina Borshchun. - It is gratifying that the volunteer movement is gathering more and more participants.

The Republic charitable action "Restoration of the holy places of Belarus" is realized every year from April to September with the aim of educating and developing the spiritual and moral values that are based on the traditions of the Belarusian people.

PO "BRYU" of the Academy