Heading "Notes to the Applicant". Smart, educated and physically fit

First Deputy Head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexei Bashan answers the questions of the departmental newspaper "On Guard" about the upcoming entrance campaign.

"What makes your university more attractive than others?"
Vasily, Minsk.

- By joining us, you choose not only an educational establishment, but also a profession.

The position of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is as follows: we do not teach in the abstract, but prepare the student for what exactly he will do. The phrase “forget what you were taught, because in practice everything is different” is not about us.

In addition, the graduate receives guaranteed employment.

"Is it possible to change the specialty in which I plan to study when submitting documents?"
Peter, Borisov.

- Our applicant has the right to participate in the competition in all specialties and specializations, placing them in a priority order when submitting documents. However, the first one should write the one indicated in the application submitted before April 15 to the internal affairs body at the place of residence.

"Is it possible after admission to transfer to another specialty or specialization?"
Alexander, Orsha.

- Theoretically it is possible, but be prepared to accept it as it is. You are counted on as a specialist in the specialty for which you entered. Nevertheless, we carry out the state order. Therefore, if you are not ready to serve in a certain police profession, then it is better not to indicate it in the application so as not to take someone else's place.

But believe me: the main thing is to unlearn and come to the practical unit. Then the individual trajectory of the career ladder can lead you to the most unexpected positions.

"Do I need to pass physical standards upon admission?"
Marina, Minsk.

- Not. We accept the smart, of whom we make the strong in four years. By the time of graduation, all cadets will be not only educated, but also physically prepared.

"What are the benefits of those who graduated from the Minsk Suvorov military school?"
Valery, Minsk.

- If all the marks in the certificate are at least seven points, then they, like graduates of specialized lyceums and cadet schools, come to us without passing centralized testing.

However, this benefit applies to them only if they are assigned to the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and only to the specialty / specialization to which they were sent.

"Do graduates of military-patriotic classes have benefits?"
Antonina, Minsk.

- These graduates enter on a general basis. However, I know that a lot of preparatory work is carried out in such classes, therefore, as a rule, it is not difficult for these children to pass the CT with dignity.

"Are there benefits for orphans?"
Daniil, Baranovichi.

- When entering the specialties "jurisprudence" and "economic law" - no.

Another situation with the specialty "forensic examinations". If orphans and children left without parental care, as well as persons from among orphans and children left without parental care, in the subjects of entrance examinations (Belarusian or Russian, foreign languages, social science) have at least six points, then they are credited here out of competition (but in an amount up to 30 percent of the admission targets).

"Are there any advantages for applicants with a gold medal?"
Pavel, Zhodino.

- There are no advantages. They act on a general basis.


"How are the graduates of the Penitentiary Faculty distributed?"
Svetlana, Orsha.

- The cadets are sent to study by the Department of the Execution of Punishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is a republican body. Therefore, it is these graduates who can be assigned to any city in Belarus where there are penitentiary units. However, as a rule, they try to send the guys to the service at their place of residence.