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Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs celebrates its 62nd anniversary

A special issue of the newspaper “On Guard” is dedicated to this significant date. His warm congratulations to the Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Karaev and the head of the Academy Sergey Doroshko open it.

In his speech, the Minister noted the rich history of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the dedication and work of the university staff.

Currently, course officers, teachers, world-famous scientists continue the glorious traditions of veterans. Thanks to their skill, wisdom, and professionalism, a high quality of training of specialists of the internal affairs bodies is ensured. The Academy is rightly proud of its graduates.

The head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sergey Doroshko, expressed gratitude to the whole team for the daily painstaking work and noted the merits of the veterans who, year after year, created the academy as it is today.

The teaching staff tirelessly surprises with new approaches to the educational process. The Academy created and develops scientific schools, conducts research in various fields.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has never rested on its laurels. Highly qualified teachers and scientists maintain its high rating and status at the national and international levels. The Academy’s merits are also confirmed by the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus received twice in a row for achievements in the field of quality, as well as the participation of the Academy in a number of prestigious international associations.