Measures for control of the epidemiological situation

Measures are continuing to monitor the emerging epidemiological situation in Belarus.

Patients are hospitalized in the country for further observation and examination if necessary.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has also organized a set of measures to protect employees and cadets and prevent infections and the spread of infection.

At all checkpoints of the institution at the entrance, hand sanitizing is mandatory. Discharging staff and cadets are given disposable medical masks.

A daily study of the health status of students is carried out. This is monitored by medical professionals and field officers.

All other possible diseases, including non-infectious ones, remain in the field of view of the Academy’s medical services. If necessary, an ambulance of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can deliver the patient to a health care facility.

Today employees and cadets are reminded of compliance with hygiene measures and recommendations for the prevention of infectious diseases in all departments of the university.