The President of Belarus awarded the best

On the eve of Militia Day, an especially bright holiday was held at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a rich concert program. The warmest congratulations were received by employees, marked by the head of state.

Representatives of the militia alma mater are among those awarded at the highest level. The corresponding decree was recently signed by President Alexander Lukashenko, which was announced at the opening of the concert. The head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Doroshko thanked his colleagues and warmly congratulated the whole team on their professional holiday.

For many years of work, the approximate performance of official duties, personal contribution and achievements in activities, five employees of the Academy were noted at once. Professor of the Department of Economic Security Aleksey Avramenko was awarded the medal. The ranks of honored educators included Professor of the Department of Belarusian and Foreign Languages ​​Svetlana Denisova and Professor of the Department of Crime Investigation Yuri Yubko. There are more honored employees of the internal affairs bodies - the honorary title was awarded to the head of the department of theory and history of state and law Vadim Pavlov. The head of the department of professionally-applied physical training Vladimir Leonov is now an honored worker of physical education and sports of the Republic of Belarus.

A concert was held in the auditorium with the participation of the orchestra of the honored collective of the republic.