Lawyer from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - about the future of education

Among the participants of the forum of young international experts from Belarus and Russia is the senior legal adviser of the leading militia university in our country.

The Strategic Session of the winners of the competition of young international experts named after A. Gromyko “The Future of Education and Academic Mobility in the Digital Age” was held in Moscow. The competition is held by the Association of Foreign Policy Studies named after A.A. Gromyko together with the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus with the support of several departments of Russia, the Union State and the CIS. The participants in this forum were young scientists - sociologists, political scientists, historians, economists and legal scholars.

Senior Legal Advisor of the Legal Support Department of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladislav Zhavnerchik is the winner and finalist of the competition for young international affairs experts in 2018 and 2019. Within the framework of the Strategic Session, an employee of the militia alma mater of Belarus joined the working group that prepared expert opinions on the issue of changing education in the digital era.

The event ended successfully. The working groups formulated recommendations that will be submitted to the authorities and will be further used to prepare for the Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia. The proposals of young experts were presented at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The event is memorable for each participant . The busy schedule included meetings with leading diplomats, heads of integration structures, specialists from prestigious universities and high-tech companies. Young scientists from Russia and Belarus visited the Skolkovo technology park, where they saw the latest developments of Russian companies in the field of IT, robotics and architecture, and also participated in a 3D modeling master class. At the headquarters of Sberbank, we got acquainted with IT innovations in the banking sector and the project for creating artificial intelligence.