Interview for the Day of Belarusian science

A large interview with the deputy head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Valery Rodevich, was published in the newspaper "The Guard". This is a special issue for the Day of Belarusian science.

Candidate of law, associate Professor colonel of militia Valery Rodevich is a famous person in Belarusian science. He is the author of more than 120 scientific papers on operational investigative topics, 8 of which are monographs (5 co-authored).  Together with his colleagues he prepared 7 textbooks on the disciplines taught at the Department of search investigative activity. Among his pupils - 3 candidates of legal sciences.

- Valery Cheslavovich, what results does the academy expect from its scientists?

- Firstly, scientific work that has not previously been carried out. Secondly, theoretical developments that differ in novelty in a particular field of knowledge. Thirdly, the qualitative solution of practical problems.

- How is science related to practice?

- The theory develops in two ways. According to the first, each new knowledge helps to solve problems that have not been explored before. The second involves finding answers to questions of practice.

In the process of developing the next direction, we not only give new opportunities to practice, but also take problematic topics from it. The more unresolved tasks are identified, the more there will be employees engaged in science. Accordingly, the requirements for research work will increase.

- Would it be necessary to change the existing approach to the organization of scientific activity at the academy?

- We need a new look. We want to hear the opinion of those who have experience in preparing dissertations. New knowledge can only be obtained with the participation of competent employees.

Now research activities are carried out mainly in the preparation of dissertations. It is also conducted in the departments where creative teams work independently. But in the structure of the Academy there is no unit that would be engaged exclusively in scientific research. Its creation will increase the level of research work, create continuity in this area and conditions for the professional growth of scientific staff. The latter would be able to concentrate on research in the framework of state programs, on instructions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state bodies of the national security system, to offer their best practices for the implementation of international projects.

The full version of the interview you can find in the newspaper "The Guard" January 24, 2020.

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