The Academy will release 91 editions in the year 2020

This year, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to publish 10 monographs, 45 study guides, as well as other literature. Books will be recognizable thanks to a specific design.

The authors conduct research for their monographs in the field of criminal law and process, pre-trial proceedings, combating economic crime, law enforcement, investigating crimes committed with the use of explosive devices, etc.

Scientists and teachers will prepare textbooks “Habitoscopy and forensic portrait examination”, “Forensic photography and video recording”, “Criminal psychology”, “Methods and means of expert research”, “Fire training”, “Current problems and trends in the development of theory and practice of organizing investigations crimes”,“Legal Psychology”, etc.

The journal "Bulletin of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus" will be published twice in a year. The circulation is 150 copies.

Cadets and students will be able to publish their scientific articles in two youth publications of the Academy. One of them contains scientific works of only the winners of the Academy’s scientific competition.