The Academy Has Summed Up the Results of the Contest ''We Choose the Way 2016''

The Republican contest of compositions "We choose the way", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian militia, was held in various nominations.

In one day two remarkable events took place - the final of the Republican legal Olympiad "Femida" and the awarding of the winners of the creative contest "We choose the way". In the nomination "What is important for me in the history of the Belarusian militia", Kirill Lednitsky's work at the Specialized Lyceum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is rated above others. The winner wrote about his grandfather - a former employee of the GAI GUVD police sergeant Vaslav Sergeevich Fenko, who died in an accident. In the same nomination in the second place - Roman Bolotko (secondary school № 3, Old Roads). The third prize from Igor Milentiev from the capital's school number 152 - the guy wrote about the police who were repressed in 1937-1938.

Vera Vereshchak from the Gomel city cadet school, who told about the officer-educator, lieutenant colonel of militia in retirement Vladimir Salimovich Karaev, best described the theme "Glorious traditions of our militia". In second place Anastasia Pencrat (Secondary School No. 2 in Polotsk), told about a small, seemingly fact from the biography of the driver of the ODS ROVD ensign of the police Vasily Levantsov. Vasily Ivanovich did not become six months ago. Suddenly, he felt ill when he was taking his colleagues to the task, but he found the strength to prevent a car accident - he parked the car and saved the lives of his colleagues. Himself out of the car, fell and...

The third prize in this category was awarded to Yana Kshivitskaya from Novogrudok school No. 3. The girl told about the history of local militia, she brought a lot of interesting facts. In particular, few know that in Novogrudokin in April 1940, they opened a police school and before the war began to make two graduates in a three-month training program.

Dmitry Dobritsky (Special police officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), Rostislav Poberezhsky (secondary school No. 30 in Vitebsk) and Dmitry Wozniak (Secondary School No. 2 in Polotsk) most reasonedly answered the central question of the nomination "Why do I want to enter the Interior Ministry Academy?"

The pedestal of the honor in the nomination "Why did I decide to become a lawyer?" Was taken exclusively by the fair sex representatives - Ulyana Zhukovskaya from school # 1 in Nesvizh, Kristina Shevchenko from the Mozyr state regional lyceum and Diana Borovik from the school No. 3 in Dyatlovo.

The ideological inspirer of the contest is the head of the career guidance department of the MVD Academy Valery Strambursky:

- The leitmotif of all the works is this: the greatest happiness for a person is to do what you love! This is a reflection on the importance and necessity of the profession of a lawyer, known since the days of Ancient Rome.

Республиканский конкурс эссе «Мы выбираем путь - 2016» Академии МВД

The prize troika in the nomination "In our city (district militia) there is an employee from whom I take an example. His name is..." is as follows: Ekaterina Ignatyuk from school No. 4 in Kobrin, Daniil Akulich from Zhlobin school No. 2 and Dmitry Yaroshevich from the Gudogai school of the Ostrovets district.

14 participants of the competition talked about "One day in the life of their class", but Alexander Vlasov from Gomel city cadet school, Anastasia Bubin from Borisov school No. 22 and Olga Demidkova from Gomel State University managed best.

The nomination "The Protector of the Law and Order is My Choice" collected the largest number of works - 29. Victoria Podberyozkina from Gomel State University told about the tragic pages of the history of her family. Victoria's great-grandmother Victoria never waited for her husband and son since the Great Patriotic War - they were missing. Participants of the search club "Scarlet Pogon" found in Ukraine the grave of Viktor's great-grandfather, who died in January 1944, 20-year-old junior lieutenant Apollon Azarov. His father, Georgy Azarov, died in October 1943 when Belarus was liberated. Victoria visited the burial places of her relatives. The girl takes the example from her grandfather Anatoly Viktorovich Kiryukhin - an excellent police officer, the liquidator of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Victoria wants to continue the family tradition - to defend the Motherland.

The second place in this nomination was taken by Dmitry Kovalevich (secondary school No. 3 in Beloozersk), and the third place by Ekaterina Kokhnyuk (Brest Regional Cadet School).

Winners and prize-winners of the essay competition "We Choose the Way 2016", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian militia, were awarded diplomas of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and memorable prizes, including the Joint Editorial Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Olga Kulikova,
the newspaper "On Guard".
Photo by Sergey Chebotarev,
Press Offece of the Academy