Veni, Vidi, Vici: the Olympiad "Femida 2015" Took Place in the Academy

Republican legal Olympics "Femida" and the republican creative essay competition "We choose the way" - business cards of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Chief of Militian education institution, Major-General of Militia Vladimir Bachila:

- Today in the walls of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is a double celebration. Firstly, we reward the winners of the Xth Republican creative essay essay competition "We Choose the Way", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War and the Day of the Militia. And secondly, we are holding the final of the 10th Republican Legal Olympiad "Femida". These competitions are a visiting card of our university. Recently, we received the Government's Quality Award. Therefore, guys, the diplomas that you will receive today, with a sign of quality.

Future gilyarovskie

In the creative contest "We choose the way" this year, a record number of works took part - 88. For comparison, in the past there were almost two times less - 47. And even children from the general educational institutions of Gomel region, with whom the police did not conclude contracts on cooperation - they were a separate competition. The level of writing was so high that the jury sometimes found it difficult to make a choice in favor of any author, so several second and third places were awarded. In total, there are 23 winners in the number of prize-winners.

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016», конкурс сочинений-эссе «Мы выбираем путь» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016», конкурс сочинений-эссе «Мы выбираем путь» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

The nomination "Memory Pages: My Family During the Great Patriotic War" appeared for the first time. Organizers prompted participants to plunge into the history of their kind. Many great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers have already passed away, but the contestants touched these great people who fought in the bloody struggle to defend the freedom and independence of our Motherland, got acquainted with the history of exploits for which the heroes were rewarded.

- As a member of the jury, I re-read every essay essay. I will say without hesitation - I cried, - the chief of the department of vocational guidance work of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, retired colonel Valeriy Stramburskiy, opened his mouth. - It's great when boys and girls are so penetrating and touching about their ancestors.

In the already named nomination Victoria Selmanovich from the Krivoshinskiy secondary school of the Lyakhovichi district took priority. By the way, no one could score more points than this girl - 58 out of 60 possible.

In the nomination "We are Bequeathed to this World..." Daria Lashko from Gomel city cadet school won. The best "Letter to a policeman" was written by Valeriy Nalyvayko from the Kobryn school No. 4. Alla Buloychik from the same school won in the nomination "Let's worship the great ones of those years". The most intense competition was in the nomination "Everything is remembered, no one will forget...". Two second and three third places are defined here! Most of all, the jury Alexander Salash from Dyatlovo secondary school №3 liked. By the way, the guy is the only one who wrote the composition in poetic form.

Among the Gomel citizens, Vyacheslav Kuzmenko (school №21 Gomel) was recognized as the best, who covered the topic "Everything is remembered, no one will forget...".

Essays "We choose the path" and "Femida" once again confirmed the aphorism that a talented person is talented in everything - at once several guys successfully participated in both competitions. Nikolai Lipskiy, who took the third place in the nomination "Everything is remembered, no one will forget...", defended the honor of the Mozyr State Regional Lyceum in the oratorical skill at "Femida". And the captain of the team of the Minsk regional cadet school Andrei Ermolovich closed the top three in the nomination "Let's worship those great years".

- I think the winners and prize-winners still do not realize what they did right now. But they wrote a valuable page in the annals of our country and our people. Guys, I will say simply: I am proud of you! Looking at you, I understand: there will not be personnel hunger in our editorial office, - the deputy chief of the United Editorial Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the chief editor of the magazine "Militia of Belarus", Lieutenant Colonel of Militia Sergey Rachila took the floor for congratulations.

Special winners of departmental publications are all winners. By the way, from the last issue of the "National Assembly" began to acquaint the readers with the works that took the first places. In addition, the best compositions will be offered for publication in the regional press, so that they can be read in the native places of the contest participants.

Goddess of Justice

Rewarding smoothly passed to the beginning of "Femida". Immediately I will present the jury - people who during the contest had, perhaps, the most difficult. The teams were so strong and, most importantly, equal in strength, that to determine the digital equivalent of the advantage, at times, it was very difficult. As the final protocol showed, at the finish the squads divided tenths of a point. The deputy head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for international cooperation and educational work with foreign experts was Colonel of Militia Alexander Podupeyko. Also on the jury the deputy head of the Interior Ministry GUIDIA, the colonel of Militia Andrei Mozalevskiy, the presenter of the National Television program, the member of the Writers' Union of Belarus Vyacheslav Bondarenko, the former head of the chair of psychology and pedagogy of the Militian academy, the retired colonel Pavel Gorbaruk, the deputy head of the UIF, the lieutenant colonel of militia Valeriy Zhvanskiy, and ideological work lieutenant colonel of militia Sergei Maslenchenko, first deputy chairman of the public association "Belarusian Union of sous orovtsev and Cadet "Maxim Misko, Valeriy Stramburskiy and Sergey Rachila.

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

In the greeting "Polesie Musketeers" from Mozyr School No. 15 immediately indicated who is who: "Who did not recognize us, we will recall: a year ago we won a victory here. And here we are again." Already during their first appearance on the stage, everyone understood: the team is aimed to repeat the success and is ready to surprise. The guys designated a common between the musketeer and the militiaman (both of them are servants of the people), and the song was performed so that the members of the jury could hardly sit on the ground.

Opponents took the challenge, showing themselves in all its glory. The participants of "Tirones lex" (Vitebsk Cadet School) took the stage in the image of ancient Romans. Especially distinguished girls - they, as if by the stroke of a magic wand, were transferred from ancient times to the present. The performance of the "Justice" team (school №10 Lida) on the stage was supported by the goddess of justice herself. The guys from the "БГ УВД" (School No. 13 in Grodno) surprised their understanding of the daily routine of the general, than they forced to smile at Vladimir Bachila. And in the number of "Patriot" (School No. 30 of Vitebsk), the elements of hand-to-hand combat successfully intertwined with acrobatic exercises.

- They do not say for nothing: they meet people by their clothes, but they see off on their minds. In this competition, "clothes" were not only the appearance, but also the ability to stay on the stage, the desire not only to win, but also to present to the sitting in the hall a holiday. In my opinion, the greeting was successful: all the teams performed well, - commented Maxim Misko.

When the counting commission has deduced the first average point, it became clear: the teams do not intend to let go of each other a single step. From the "Polesie Musketeers" that escaped forward (by the way, only 0.1 did not reach the maximum result), the "Pro et contra" (Minsk Regional Cadet School) and "Justice" who shared the third place were only 0.3 points behind. In second place "Polesie Rangers" (Mozyr State Regional Lyceum).

Competition captains - the first, which could significantly affect the location of the standings. Each correct answer was scored as a score. The most erudite and sharp-witted could bring their squad to the top ten, and the excited ones - zero. Unfortunately, one of the teams could not avoid the "steering wheel". However, mostly boys and girls coped well with a difficult task. By the way, half the captains, and these are the most prepared representatives of the teams, this year intend to enter the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the competition, the team of the Vitebsk cadet school "Tirones lex" loudly announced itself - Nikita Sokha scored the highest score (seven), which allowed his squad not just to get into the top three, but also to be in second place. Also, seven questions were answered by the captain of "Pro et contra" Sergei Tsygankov, as a result his team came forward. "Polesskie Rangers" were mistaken at times more, and they became the third not only in the contest, but also in the standings. But a similar result of six points allowed the "Alliance" (secondary school № 116 Minsk) to rise to fourth place.

At the same time, the "Polesie Musketeers" retreated to the sixth place - only four correct answers, as a result, a significant lag in the leaders made it very difficult for them to continue fighting.

Artistic jurists

In the contest "Speaking skill" many participants played mini-performances, going out in suits, picking up a video sequence and a musical image. As a rule, this only strengthened the effect. But Jan Kovalev from the Polesie Musketeers went his own way - he just went out and started talking. But as I said! As if you are alone with him, and he tells only for you. "This is what the confrontation between the countries can lead to. Now more than ever it is important for a man to stop. It's important to live, not to survive..." - he wanted to not only listen, but also obey. This year the guy will enter the Academy of Arts at the faculty of acting. Something tells me that everyone was present at the birth of a new star on the Belarusian theater and cinema sky.

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

Alexey Pustovoi from the "БГ УВД" explained why he tand up those who, like him, want to serve in the internal affairs bodies - and raised half the hall! "Poleskie Rangers" played a sketch calls himself the future general. And he asked to swith the writing of a school composition, their speaker Nikolai Lipskiy spoke, speaking exclusively verse lines. And Elena Koval ("Alliance") told about her great-grandfather, who passed all the circles of hell in Buchenwald.

- It was a real holiday of voice, imagination and play of thought. You are well prepared, today were so bright, expressive, clear. Everyone was happy, so the jury put many six points, - commented on the seen Pavel Gorbaruk. - But there are some comments. Two of you uttered deep, powerful words, but went too much. You can not melt, when you say from the heart, from the heart, which hurts and cries. If you are a speaker, if you want to bring your thoughts to the audience, stand and talk. And if you walk, everyone understands: you pronounce the prepared text, and it turns out the wrong effect. It was felt that some girls were saying memorized words. Here's the tip: learned the text and go for three days with it, saying to yourself. And on the third day you will feel that the words have become yours, that they come from the heart. And only then throw them into the hall!

Judging by the estimates, the greatest difficulty in determining the best judges was tested in the oratorical skill competition. "BG ATC" and "Alliance" scored the maximum six points, "Polesie Musketeers", "Polesie Rangers" and "Justice" - by 0.1, and "Tirones lex" - by 0.2 points less.

And if the winners decided solely their local problems in the tournament table, then "Tirones lex" was able to divide the first place with "Pro et contra". In the top three prize winners and "Polesie Rangers". The difference between teams is only a half point.

In knowledge of social science there were no equal "Pro et contra". Such a result helped the Minsk regional cadet school to strengthen its leadership. The second result of "Justice" allowed her to rise only to the sixth place in the standings. But the third "Alliance" was able to break into the virtual three of the winners. The social science test was not the strongest place of the recent leader of "Tirones lex", which dropped him to the fourth line of the standings. The second after four tests were "Polesie Rangers".

The most colorful and most spectacular traditionally was the contest "Homework" - the participants staged the fables of Ivan Krylov and Sergei Mikhalkov. At the same time, they analyzed, in terms of legislation, the actions of the heroes. At the "BH ATC" this was happening as though between the case - they introduced the names of the articles into the dialogues of the characters. For example, before the cat took a pike of "mice in the barn polovit", they together studied the Labor Code to know how to properly fill the workbook. "Poleskie Rangers" originally read the fable of Sergei Mikhalkov. They have a hero who rescued from the swamp of the foolish Fedot (a special thank you for the wonderful reincarnation of Pavel Karnoukh), none other than the district militia major Stepan Pastukh in the magnificent performance of Nikolai Lipskiy. By the way, the guys focused on pantomime. Charming was also a cat from the fable "Cat and Cook" performed by Veronika Gladka from the team "Justice". Members of the jury also noted the artistry of the participants.

"It was fun to watch the competition, for which we would like to thank all the participants separately," said Vyacheslav Bondarenko. - "Justice" special gratitude for the legal analysis of the activities of the "cat" and the preservation of the Cadet traditions - for some reason this fable was the inevitable attribute of all pre-revolutionary Cadet evenings. Future generals thank you for the wonderful "mice": active and vigorous, they quickly sorted out the "pike", which was not engaged in its own business. Thanks to the "Patriot" for the wonderful sparring of "the peasant with the bear" (I.Krylov's fable "The peasant and the worker"). And a special thanks to the "Musketeers", they have everything: artistry, humor, scenery. And Jan Kovalev is truly the star of tonight!

Homework, indeed, is another successful contest performed by the Polesie Musketeers. In artistry they have no equal, no wonder that they are again the first. However, winning periodically on slightly, could not liquidate the developed behind the second competition a decent backlog from leaders. Therefore, before the final test last year's champions were listed only fifth.

One-tenth of the score was lost to the winners of the "Polesie Rangers". Vitebsk Patriot showed its worth in all its glory: it is 0.3 points worse than that of colleagues from Mozyr, and they are still third in the contest.

The virtual troika of winners before the last test looked like: "Pro et contra", "Polesie Rangers" and "Tirones lex". However, the gaps are minimal, and every correct answer in the competition for knowledge of films about the Great Patriotic War and the militia brought a score (maximum 12). Therefore even, it seemed, hopelessly lagging outsiders had the opportunity to turn the standings on their heads.

Non-lyrical digression

The last competitive test - a novelty invented by Major-General of Militia Vladimir Bachila, turned out to be the most difficult. According to the quotes read by the presenters, it was necessary to name the film and tell about the named scene. Excerpts sounded from a well-known list of Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War and the militia. The draw determined which of the team members to answer. Alas, the guys were able to answer only one fourth of the 12 questions. However, even here it was not so simple. Five of the 12 questions were answered without hesitation by the Vitebsk cadet Ekaterina Bakan ("Tirones lex") and the musketeer Nikita Zaretskiy ("Polesie musketeers"), and Diana Tsybulskaya from "Justice" (school №10 Lida) - six! It turns out that this height can submit to persevering and patient...

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

In a break before summarizing the head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Bachila met with teachers. Among others, the issue of a new contest was also considered. Some teachers insisted that the proposed films - "Officers", "Born by the Revolution", "Some Old Men Are Going to the Fight", "Inspector of the State Automobile Inspection", "Liberation", "Battalions Ask for Fire", "They Fought for Their Motherland", " not "and others - for modern youth like a message from another universe. And it is impossible to thoroughly study them to the legal Olympiad and the already overburdened graduates: only "Born by the Revolution", "Liberation" and "The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" together make up 20 series! If we were talking about films closer to the guys shot about the war by modern cinematographers (the same "Battle for Sevastopol"), the result, according to teachers, would be much better.

But on the other hand, according to Vladimir Bachila, we need to talk first of all about the gaps in the patriotic education of future entrants. After all, his subordinates, during the training at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, need to explain to the cadets for four years why they need, if it is required to save the life of a citizen, protect the Fatherland and so on, substitute their breasts. And it will be much more difficult to do this if the corresponding base is not laid for 11 school years. And the pearls of Soviet cinema will perfectly help in this. As for modern films about the war (about the militia, by the way, it did not even go)... They are colorful and spectacular, but in some respects they lose tapes of the past. At the same time they have a lot of awkward trifles: for example, here and there skips the discrepancy of the title on the buttonholes and the actual for the film.

On my own I want to challenge the complexity of the issues stated by teachers. I confess, I watched only half of the films, and specially did not revise them to Femida. My personal record (of course, like everyone sitting in the hall, checking myself) - eight correct answers. That is, two more than the best result of the competition. But there was even a zero result among the participants. I remembered something, calculated something logically-several similar dialogues from the Inspector of the State Automobile Inspectorate between Major Grinko (Oleg Efremov) and the Valentin Trunov (Nikita Mikhalkov) were read out. Unfortunately, the guys did not recognize the textbook episodes from the "Officers" and "The meeting place can not be changed", which often flashes on the TV screens ("Soldier's rumor says that they are transferring you to Moscow. Is it true or ...?"

"Free the way, Captain." - "I'm afraid, only you tell me, Comrade General, you have come back to us for good or so, for things?.." - "Yes, I'll arrest you!"

The result of the meeting between the head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and teachers: the contest to be in the future, perhaps in a slightly modified form. But its main provisions will remain unshakable: the draw decides who will answer from the team, quotations will be read out mainly from Soviet films (maximum one modern film about the war will be added).

So who is the first?

As for the current competition, he, as expected, made his own adjustments, but he did not bring surprises - at the top of the standings were still teams that glittered throughout the legal Olympiad. Most of all, Diana Tsybulskaya from "Justice" scored six points. True, this success raised her squad only to the sixth final place. Five correct answers allowed us to return from oblivion to the "Poleski Musketeers" - in the end they could become the third. And the guys are not upset that they did not win, like a year ago. Nevertheless, "Femida" is a competition of the republican level. And bronze is a great success.

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

Республиканская правовая олимпиада «Фемида-2016» Академии МВД среди учащихся правовых классов и кадетских училищ

But the participant from the team "Pro et contra", which was in the lead of almost the entire final, stumbled - only three correct answers pushed the squad from the Minsk region to the second final place. Before leaving home, the director of the Moscow Patriarchate, Sergei Metelskiy, did not hide his disappointment. But the press smiled:

- I wanted to win, of course, but we are happy for our friends-winners. It seemed to us that we were the best. Probably, there was not enough luck, fell behind by a tenth of a point. By the way, two years ago we were the fourth, last year - the third, now - the second. We like our forward movement upwards.

The announcement that the cadets from the Minsk region were second, caused a storm of emotions in the team "Tirones lex". They already understood: five correct answers in the last contest allowed to become the first. Vitebsk residents began to jump and hug directly on the stage even before the winner was named. As the head of the team - the teacher of social science Alexander Grigoriev admitted, such a success was a surprise, because they participated in "Femida" for the first time. "I'm grateful to my guys, because first of all it's their huge work," he said. - Special thanks to us from all the deputy director of the VKU for educational work, Valentina Malakh: her help in selecting the repertoire and moral support are invaluable."

For the first time in the history of the contest, the winners were awarded the passing prize "Femida". All the collectives of educational establishments participating in the finals were awarded with the diploma of a police academy, and each head of the team was awarded with a badge "Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs". Letters of gratitude from the Ministry of Internal Affairs were presented to the directors of Mozyr School No. 15 Sergey Troyan, Minsk School No. 116 Larissa Sluk, Minsk Regional Cadet School Sergey Metelskiy, and Liliya Kiryak from school No. 13 Grodno - breastplate "Academia MUS".

The best scholars among the participants are Nikita Soha, Andrei Ermolovich, Vyacheslav Bachinskiy (Tirones lex), Diana Tsybulskaya, Nikita Zalevskiy (Polesie Musketeers) and Anastasia Maslovskaya (Pro et contra).

For the knowledge of Soviet films, the jury awarded Ekaterina Bakan ("Tirones lex") and Nikita Zalevskiy. Alexey Pustovoi, Diana Tsybulskaya ("Justice"), Nikolai Lipskiy ("Polesie Rangers") and Diana Koval ("Alliance") were awarded special prizes in the competition of speakers.

The best artists are Pavel Karnove, Veronika Gladkaya, Ian Kovalev, Nikolai Lipskiy, Marina Germanova ("Tirones lex"), Rostislav Poberezhskiy, Yevgeny Kryzhevich and Pavel Reutskiy (all - "Patriot").

By the decision of the council of the public association "Belarusian Union of Suvorovites and Cadets", the teams that won the first three places were awarded the Order "Cadet Brotherhood". The medal "For Service to the Motherland from Childhood" of the 2nd degree marked Andrei Yermolovich and Jan Kovalev. By the way, "Polesie Musketeer" became the first civilian, to whom this award was awarded (before that it was celebrated solely by the Suvorovites or Cadets).

"So, as in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, work in vocational guidance is not established in any educational institution," Maxim Misko said, "therefore we are very pleased to hand over the highest order of our cadet" Cadet brotherhood "of II degree to Major General of Militia Vladimir Bachila. We are delighted that Valeriy Stramburskiy brings up patriotism among the youth, so we reward him with the medal "For fidelity to the Cadet cause". Jan Kovalev was awarded a special prize from the Joint Editorial Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Olga Kulikova,
the newspaper "On Guard".
Photo by Anastasia Voinova and Sergey Chebotaryov,
Press Office of the Academy

Instead of an afterword

The republican legal Olympiad "Femda 2015" is over. However, some of its participants began to prepare for the battles of the next year even during the final meeting. Special correspondent of the "On Guard" noticed in the hall of the teacher of the law of Borisov school № 22 Nikolai Demidko. His team in 2012 and 2013 was the best, now, so it happened, could not get out of the semifinals. However, its participants came to the finals as spectators, in order to learn the experience of the best squads. Well, it remains to add: in 2016 on the stage of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs it will be even hotter.