Training program: freshmen share their impressions

The official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told in details about the training program of freshmen at the university of militia.

The cadets who entered the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs this year shared their impressions of the first training sessions.

Roman Mizhui, student of the faculty of militia:

- I really like to study here! My father and grandfather served in militia. I watched their work with curiosity from my childhood. Uniform, stripes, discipline, responsible approach to work - just fascinated me, so from the age of 12 I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

My father once told me, how at night on a stakeout he guarded criminals who opened garages of citizens and stole property. As a result, the operation was successful, the father and colleagues detained the intruder. This story made a great impression on me. And it was then when I decided that I want to help people, fight crime.

(The full version of the publication is available on the official website of the MIA.)