It was fun and cozy at the sports festival

The freshmen of the Academy of the MIA took part in a sports festival. Relatives and friends of the guys, the leadership and employees of the academy warmly supported the young athletes.

Holding this sports festival over the years has become a tradition. The head of the academy Sergey Doroshko opened the competition:

- A healthy lifestyle is fundamental for employees of internal affairs agencies in the performance of service. And those people who are actively involved in sports, achieve certain results in it- in this or that sport, - they, as a rule, study very well”.

The intense competition program included volleyball and tug-of-war. Also, several running and power relay races were organized.

According to the results of the sports festival, teams of the faculty of militia took all three prizes. The winner’s cup was awarded to a team of cadets studying in the specialization “Operational-search activity”. In individual competitions of the sports program, each team proved to be successful and won medals. High results were shown by cadets of all three faculties of the Academy.