The Patriot: With Olympic Passions and Chivalrous Dignity

For almost a week the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs became the center of the cadet life of Belarus. The first of the youth forums was the Republican Olympiad "Patriot".

Two events took place at the main militia university of the country, representatives of the Cadet and Minsk Suvorov military schools, as well as specialized lyceums of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations gathered. The first of the youth forums was the III Republican Cadet Intellectual and Creative Olympiad "Patriot", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces and gathered more than 200 guests. The organizers were the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Belarusian Union of Suvorovites and Cadets.

The event was opened by the head of the university major-general of militia Vladimir Bachila:

- The tests that the participants will have to pass this year are traditional and require knowledge of the history of Belarus, the Armed Forces and the Cadet Movement, literature and art, pre-conscription training, and savvy, resourcefulness and ingenuity. The subjects of the competitions are different, but they have united common goals - to help participants assert themselves, acquire new knowledge, skills, discover and reveal hidden talents, abilities, ability to work in a team.

- The result of the Olympics will be an important criterion in the annual determination of the best institution of the cadet education system," said the chairman of the republican council of the Belarusian Union of Suvorovites and cadets, retired colonel Sergei Zhitikhin.

Regulars of competitions already in the first contest "Here we are" even without recognition recognized the participating teams. The squad of the Specialized Lyceum at the Civil Defense University of the Ministry for Emergency Situations "Fakel" took a creative - it turned out a whole theatrical performance! Team captain Alexei Gurinovich built subordinates on stage - two were in the form of rescuers, the rest beat the rhythm on the drums. According to the scenario, the commander-in-chief of the internal service, Alexei Dashkevich, who was in Gomel, ordered the captain of the team to come to him urgently. Hardly having dived behind the scenes, the guy... immediately appeared on the screen next to the leader who gave the order to take part and win in the Olympiad "Patriot"!

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Dressed in the uniform of their predecessors of different years, the Suvorovites (command "Generals") told about the history of their educational institution, which this year will turn 65 years old.

Colorfully presented their numerous talents and Mogilevites (the "Heart of the Warrior" team): they demonstrated the elements of the parade of the guard of honor company and demonstration performances in hand-to-hand fighting, and danced as if they had been in the ensemble of folk dances for many years.

At the presentation of the teams, the Vitebsk cadets (the "Motherland's Shield" team), by the way, the only winners of the Patriot Olympiad in 2016 and 2017, brought a beautiful theatrical performance. The jury deservedly awarded them with the highest score - 6.9. Only 0.1 points in this competition were behind the leader of the suvorovtsy, at 0.4 - lyceum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
Unfortunately, the appearance of the national team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "On Guard" was a surprise. Last spring, this very talented and insanely interesting team did not have quite a bit to pass from the Cadet semi-final to the main competitions of the republican legal Olympics "Femida", which is inherently close to the "Patriot".

The first serious "sagging" of the participants occurred after the captains' contest. Only Alexei Gurinovich (Special Representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations), as well as leaders of the Vitebsk and Minsk regional cadet schools Maxim Morozov and Vladislav Rogalevich overcame two thirds of the issues. Unfortunately, mediocre results were shown more than good results. Not everyone, for example, knew the basics of the school curriculum - they did not name Pavlik Morozov and Vasiliy Turkin, they did not answer where the lines "Guys! Is not Moscow for us? Dying near Moscow ... ". Someone did not know the history of his school. Moreover, one of the captains is not familiar with the exploits of the graduate-hero, about which his colleague told during the competition of speakers...

Jury member Sergey Zhitikhin commented:

- Most of the team captains showed insufficient psychological training. The quality of the answers was influenced by the fact that the speakers were simply lost on the stage.

The Vitebsk cadets retained the first intermediate place, and the Suvorovs, breathing in their back, got three points less, fell into the depth of the standings. Chasing the leader was led by "Torch", behind by 0.4 points.

The founder of career guidance in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the retired Colonel Valery Strambursky summed up the results of the competition of speakers:

- It's hard to enter a new stage, to see an unfamiliar audience and be able to show your soul in a short speech, open your heart, make listeners believe what is being said. At the same time, confident possession of oratory skills is very important for those who dedicate their lives to serving the Fatherland, because they must be able not only to command subordinates, but also to lead them.

Valery Georgievich noted in most cases a well-chosen video accompaniment, skillful gesticulation of speakers, ability to stay on stage, to behave beautifully and elegantly. I especially remember how Karina Levchik from the Grodno regional cadet school (the Monolith team) told about her grandfathers - with tears, enthusiasm, conviction. Do you like and Suvorov Alexander Chakira, who revealed a very difficult and philosophical topic "Officers are the knights of the country." Alexander after the end of Suvorov plans to enter the Military Academy. Well, he has the makings of a future officer!

- The guy brilliantly coped with the task. Bribed his excellent gesticulation, naturalness and manner of keeping on stage, - said V. Strambursky.

Vitaly Tochenyi from the Brest Regional Cadet School (the Citadel team) was the only one who spoke with verses. This participant was also distinguished by naturalness, magnificent intonation and a pleasant timbre of voice. Valery Georgievich and Alexander Sevruk, who became the second in the competition a year ago, noted. A representative of the Lyceum of the Ministry of Emergency Measures was thinking in Belarusian about our indestructible and legendary army.

At the same time V. Stramburskiy pointed out the shortcomings that prevented some other participants from getting higher marks. In particular, some people broke into a scream, which for the speaker is unacceptable, since the volume of the voice signal to convince others will not help. Other speakers, on the contrary, were either not emotional enough or too pathetic.

This match did not significantly change the position in the top three. In the three previous competitions, the Vitebsk cadets, students of the Special Ministry of Emergency Situations and cadets from the Minsk region (the team "Defenders of the Fatherland") were still leading. But the testing of the subject "History of Belarus" and "Pre-conscription training" has replaced the leader. A greater number of questions was answered by the representative of the "Torch" Ahmed Postayev, earning 11 points. On the second place Danila Babitsky ("Generals") with 9 points, in third place Gleb Krivul ("Defenders of the Fatherland") with 8 points.

- This year the participants of the Olympiad showed more profound knowledge than during previous competitions. Despite the fact that there were obvious leaders and outsiders, the bulk of the tested showed good results, - commented the jury member Vladimir Poddubsky. - However, some of the answers were unpleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, several people are convinced that Russia and France participated in the Battle of Grunwald, and in the First World War - the BSSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

In the fans' contest questions were raised on the history of the Armed Forces, the Red Banner Belarusian Military District, its merits and awards. Representatives of five teams distinguished themselves in this competition. And the Suvorov Military, the Lyceum of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Minsk City No. 2 (the team "Youth") and the Vitebsk Cadet Schools increased their luggage by 0.5 points, and Minsk Oblast - by a full score!

Oral interrogation on the content of Soviet and Belarusian cinematograph films dedicated to the Great Patriotic War was much more fun than the competition of captains. Arina Povorotnaya from Vitebsk submitted an absolute result - 10 out of 10 possible points. Only half a point less earned the representatives of Brest region (Lev Gaidukov) and the Minsk Suvorov Military School (Alexander Chakira).

Teams closely followed the responses of rivals. As a result, after a satisfied appeal, the lyceum of the Ministry of Emergency Measures did not count 0.5 points. It seemed that, despite the fact that there was still "Homework" ahead, such a loss on the final result of representatives of the special ministry of the Ministry of Emergency Situations would not be reflected, because the guests from the city over Sozh confidently took first place, ahead of the nearest pursuers - Vitebsk - by 1.9 points.

However, in the last contest, which was to stage a scene from works of fiction of military subjects, something incredible happened! The team "Motherland's Shield" in the homework took the second place (14.3 points), losing to the leadership of the Brest regional KU (14.6 points), and the lyceums of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are located ... only in the penultimate, tenth place with 11.9 points. This result deprived them of victory, and in the end they lost just 0.3 points to the three-time champions of the Olympiad "Patriot" - the Vitebsk cadets.

But the suvorovtsy, the competition for the contest returning from non-existence, broke into the top three prize-winners could not. Before the "Homework" they lagged behind the Cadets from Slutsk by only 0.7 points. Having in stock a powerful dramatization (poem Bulat Okudzhava "Goodbye, boys"), they reasonably hoped to be ahead. But the rival was also adequately prepared, and the jury equally estimated both performances - at 13.8 points.

The first two places in the "Homework" were taken by the cadets from the Brest and Mogilev regions, which settled down in the middle of the standings. According to the results of the Olympiad, the team of the Vitebsk Cadet School took first place with 52 points. Only 0.3 points behind the leader of the team Spetslitseya MOE (51.7 points). In third place cadets from Slutsk (49.9 points).

Results of the III Republican Cadet intellectual-Creative
Olympiad "Patriot" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces

The jury has traditionally established prizes for the best participants in several nominations. We are already familiar with the winners in the nominations "Best Speaker" and "Best Scholar". But in the nomination "For Artistry", luck smiled to three - Margarita Gavrutikova (Polotsk KU, Pulse team), Gleb Krivule (Minsk OKU) and Vyacheslav Svirid (Mogilev OKU). The guys are so entered into the scenic images that sometimes they just could not be distinguished from the real artists - well done!

...As in any competition, in the Patriot-2018 Olympiad there are winners and losers who were satisfied (or not happy) with their performances and the final result. But there was a unique situation when the revenge did not have to wait a year. A few days later, on February 19, the three-day republican cadet sports day (dedicated to the Day of the Belarusian Police) was launched at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which gathered all the same educational institutions under their banner. Passion of passion went off scale, which affected both the mood of the audience and the results.

Olga Kulikova,
the newspaper "On Guard".
Photo by Anastasia Voinova,
Press Office of the Academy