An international competition of speakers was held at the Academy

The XIX International Speech Contest Cicero was held at the alma mater of militia.

Vasily Golubev, one of its founders, Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Belarus spoke about the peculiarities of this competition:

- This year, representatives of 25 universities and students from 10 countries came to us. As a rule, all participants go through local qualifying rounds, and here they perform according to our program - first with three-minute speeches, then in pair debates.

On the first day of the competition, participants gave a speech devoted to the II European Games. Guests from abroad told about their country. At the final stage of the competition, debates were held on topics proposed by the tournament organizers. As a result of the event, more than 20 participants received prizes and gifts for the first, second and third places in the competition.