Shield and Sword Tournament - an Intellectual Marathon in the Academy

Six teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Belgorod and Ryazan represented six teams at the international tournament in Minsk.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted the XI International tournament on intellectual games "Shield and Sword" on November 28-29. The Youth Forum gathered 36 student and cadet teams from Belarus and Russia. Experts from the institution-organizer, the Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Institute of the Border Guard Service, the Command-Engineering Institute of the Ministry for Emergency Situations acted from the Belarusian side. The tournament traditionally lasted two days. Participants fought not only for cups, medals and prizes, but also for vouchers for the Belarusian championship and the European Cup for intellectual games among student teams. In addition to the warm-up "Erudite Lotto", which included ten questions with options for answers, two smart games took place: "Scrabble quartet" and the next day "What? Where? When?". In the "lottery" the best was the Minsk team "Estonian Express", which correctly answered nine questions. But first things first. The forum of intellectuals was opened by the chief of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, major-general of the militia Vladimir Bachila. Communicating with journalists, he noted the participation of Russian teams. The tournament provided the youth with an opportunity to exchange experiences, establish friendly ties, which is necessary in the profession of the law enforcer.

At the opening ceremony, cadets of the academy with creative numbers and a team of the investigative-expert faculty on hand-to-hand fighting spoke.

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Intellectual competitions began with the Scrabble Quartet. Simultaneously, one representative from four teams spoke. Five issues were combined, united by a common theme and having their own difficulty level and corresponding denomination (from 10 to 50 points). The team "Mixer-tempter" came forward. On the second place - "At dawn", in third place - "It's changed a lot during the summer". Among the power schools the most erudite was the team of the Command and Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Emergencies. The second result was shown by guests from the northern capital of Russia "Nevsky lions", ahead of the team "On the Verge" from the Institute of Border Service.

In the game "What? Where? When? "The participating teams were given a minute to discuss each task and prepare a response. In all, 60 questions were proposed. The team "Very changed for the summer" coped best with this difficult task. Again, the experts "At the dawn" - the second place. Three of the winners finished the "Complex Urumbai" (all represented Minsk).

The command "And Someone Thinks" won the power bloc (Nizhny Novgorod). The second place was taken by the "Latin Quarter" (Pskov), the third place - "Slaughter Force" (Moscow). By the way, the Nizhny Novgorod team on the basis of the tournament was declared the winner of the cup among power schools. The absolute winner of the international forum of intellectuals was the team "It's changed a lot during the summer". The representative of the strongest cadet team captain Vladimir Osokin shared his impressions: "Our team is not the first time at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" Shield and Sword "tournament. We were already approaching the cup, took the second, third place ... This year we made a breakthrough to victory. I'm sure the guys deserved the cup. Behind a lot of training, now full of emotions. Thank you to the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus for accepting us every year and creating an atmosphere in which it is interesting not only to compete, but also to communicate and find acquaintances".

The Belarusian league of intellectual teams has more than once recognized the "Shield and Sword" as the best tournament of the country. Today it is a visiting card of a police academy. By the way, this forum was born in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the investigative-expert faculty. In 2005, its initiators were cadets, and now - the direct organizers of the intellectual marathon.

Sergey Chebotarev,
Press Office of the Academy.
Photo by the author