Special Issue of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In the newspaper “On Guard” a special issue of a militia alma mater was published, dedicated to the 61st anniversary of the founding of.

Opens a special issue of the publication of courses on the English language on the basis of the Academy of the Interior Ministry for employees of various law enforcement units. For the first time, our university organized such training on the eve of the 2014 World Hockey Championship. Subsequently, students noted that knowledge allowed them to significantly improve their English proficiency and better fulfill their professional duties in ensuring law and order during the primacy period, including when dealing with citizens from other states.

We decided to use positive experience to prepare for the II European Games. Teachers of the department of Belarusian and foreign languages took into account the wishes of students and improved the curriculum. In detail about the courses told the head of the department, militia colonel Tatyana Kattsova.

The pages of the National Assembly also reflect the international activities of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Among them are a scientific conference and a large forum of the International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA).

Special edition transmits and cadet news. An important event of the faculties was the successful participation of future officers in two law competitions. A team of second-year students of the Faculty of Investigators declared themselves at the site of the militia Academy, and in Grodno our national team distinguished among 11 teams of Belarusian universities under the guidance of a senior lecturer in the theory and history of state and law militia major Dmitry Voropayev.

The creative sphere has not remained without attention. The newspaper told about cadets - prize-winners of the BRYU patriotic competition for the best short film about the Great Patriotic War.

The retired police colonel Georgy Ivanovich Kuzlyakin became a hero of the “Gray Legend” rubric - he is a special person: several teams are proud of the fact that he once was in their ranks. He came to the position of the head of the course of the Minsk Higher School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (now the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) 41 years ago. The eyes of a veteran - the story of a militia alma mater.

Also in the special issue - a bright photo essay on the modern life of the Academy.