Cadet Paintball Championship

The youth "primary organization" of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held a paintball championship. 15 teams from all faculty courses participated.

The leaders of the competition were representatives of the Faculty of Corrections: “gold” in the 2 course, “silver” in the 3rd. Closed the top three winners 3 "B" course of the Faculty of Militia.

According to the secretary of the university "primary" BRSM, Antonina Borschun, paintball championships have become a tradition and have taken their important place among outdoor activities for members of the youth union. Cadets are always looking forward to competitions that are not only exciting, but also useful. The components of success are a well-coordinated team game and a good level of fitness. All the guys coped perfectly well, showing endurance, accuracy and ability to make the right tactical decisions.

Information and public relations group
Based on materials of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union Academy of Internal Affairs