Academy Quarter-Finals Among 1-2 Courses

Completed the second round of Academy competition. Throughout the stage, there was intense struggle.

In the second round of the Olympiad of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs eight teams participated, whose representatives showed brilliant knowledge at the qualifying stage. This time, the guys solved video games, solved crossword puzzles, picked up associative triads of legal terms, analyzed the practical case and voiced it in a foreign language. As far as the teams are solid, the brain-ring showed.

During the Olympiad day, various squads visited the leaders. The competition of captains turned out to be decisive, which was held in the format of the "Pecha Pile" presentation (its main elements are the uninterrupted flow of slides and public speaking). The participants in turn acted as a speaker and discussed the topic “Moral choice in the activities of an employee of the internal affairs bodies”. The captains had the task to uncover the problem of choice in 6 minutes 40 seconds, to really interest the listeners and get questions from them. Private militia Andrei Levchuk (2 course of the Faculty of Investigators) and Nikolai Shpakovsky (2 “A” course of the Faculty of Militia) received the highest marks from the jury. Their reports were the most interesting and informative.

The “Sword of Themis” team of the 1st year Faculty of Investigators team made a dash to the top places, leaving behind the leader of the qualifying stage - the squad “Fortune” 2 “V” of the Faculty of Militia .

Based on the test results, four teams were identified - participants of the final competitions: the familiar “Sword of Themis”, “Guardians of the Constitutional Galaxy” (2 “A” Faculty of Militia), “VVV” and “Archon” (2nd course of the Faculty of Investigators).

Юридическая олимпиада среди курсантов Академии МВД

Participants were evaluated by six members of the expert council: Acting Head of the Department of Constitutional and International Law, PhD in Law, Associate Professor Lieutenant Colonel of Militia Konstantin Sazon (Chairman), Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Affairs Administration of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining of Candidates in Law, Associate Professor Lieutenant Colonel of Militia  Alexander Krivonoschenko (Deputy Chairman), Head of the Department of Belarusian and Foreign Languages Candidate of Juridical Sciences (PhD in Law), Associate Professorcolonel of militia Tatyana Kattsova, senior teacher of the Department of Administrative Activities of Internal Affairs Bodies of the Faculty Militia candidate of legal sciences Lieutenant Colonel of Militia  Sergey Degonsky, senior teacher of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law Major of Militia Dmitry Voropaev, senior teacher of the Department of Philosophy and Ideological work Lieutenant Colonel of Militia Ivan Yermolinsky.

The winners of the final stage of the Olympiad will be called on April 19.

Educational and Methodological Department of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs