Interdepartmental Scientific and Practical Conference

An interdepartmental scientific-practical conference of the ideological apparatus of state agencies of the power block was held at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

An interdepartmental scientific and practical conference of the ideological apparatus of state bodies of the national security system was held at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the theme “Formation of professional and moral-psychological qualities of the personnel of state bodies of the national security system as a factor in successfully accomplishing tasks for the intended purpose.

Presentations were made by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the State Border Committee, the departmental educational institutions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the State Customs Committee, as well as the Institute of National Security.

As Minister of the Interior, Lieutenant-General of Militia Igor Shunevich, noted, such events are a very useful and informative form of communication. The best experts are invited, there is an active exchange of views, which allows you to "check the clock": to sort out the most pressing issues and come to their decision.

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The conference participants familiarized themselves with the current activities of ideological apparatus, including the most relevant developments in this area. Taking into account the growing risks, challenges and threats to the national security of the republic in the information sphere, the importance of a common vision of goals and objectives, as well as identifying ways to coordinate efforts to neutralize and minimize damage from destructive influences was emphasized. In this regard, it is obvious that it is necessary to continue the continuous improvement of work on building the resilience of power unit employees to negative information and psychological effects.

The priority of ideological apparatus should be the creation of a safe internal and external information space of Belarus, which is impossible without a consolidated approach and close interagency cooperation for timely counteraction to false and distorted information.