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Applicant 2019: Be In Time Before the 15th of April

The features of the introductory campaign of this year are the detailed publication of the next issue of the departmental newspaper "On Guard".

Despite the fact that, it would seem, there is still time before school final exams and centralized testing, work with prospective applicants for departmental universities is in the most active phase.

The organization of the admission campaign to higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is now receiving increased attention in all personnel departments of the department. This issue was at the forefront of the past operational meeting with the Deputy Minister of the Interior. Oleg Kruchinsky, head of the Main Department of Personnel MIA, stressed: it is the high-quality selection of candidates for studies that will enable prospective recruitment of vacant positions with qualified specialists.

Today, a lot has been done. In the framework of the implementation of the plan for vocational orientation work in institutions of general secondary education, organizations, enterprises, military units, information was placed on the procedure for admission to departmental universities, open doors days and events aimed at developing an informed career choice by various categories of applicants.

The attention is focused on purposeful explanatory work with the officers of the internal affairs bodies from among the private and junior commanding staff. It is reasonable that they need to focus on higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to improve their professional level.

Alexey Bashan, First Deputy Head of the Academy, Militia Colonel, spoke about the specifics of the entrance campaign at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

- It is no secret that the procedure for entering our educational institution is different from submitting documents to a civil university. You need to start with an appeal to the personnel department of the department of internal affairs at the place of residence. At the same time, they will consult with any militia service - they will tell you where to go and provide practical help.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus at the age of 17 to 25 years old who are fit for health reasons can enter the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for full-time education. Each candidate undergoes a professional selection at several conditional stages: a preliminary study, a special check, a medical examination and a psycho-physiological examination. Therefore, it is necessary to think about admission in advance. The applicant must have time before April 15 to submit a relevant application to the internal affairs authority. All procedures are given a month and a half. Then personal files are sent to the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

To participate in the competition for admission to a police university, you must provide certificates of centralized testing in social science, one of the state, as well as a foreign language. It is necessary to complete centralized testing with other applicants on the days determined by the Ministry of Education.

In detail with the order of admission to the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can be found on the website of the Academy in the  section "For Applicants". All information is clear and accessible.

- It is known that special attention is paid to the health of potential cadets, their physical data. How high is this bar?

- The determination of suitability for serving in the internal affairs bodies is the responsibility of the military-medical commission at the place of residence. I would not talk about any special requirements. We look forward to the usual average entrant. At the same time, he must understand: the specificity of the service in the internal affairs bodies is associated with certain loads and requires good physical fitness. We need a candidate without contraindications for health, and already in the process of learning we will help him become physically strong and active. All conditions in the Academy for this purpose are created.

- Are there any features in the order of reception of this year compared to the previous one?

- The main difference: we do not recruit applicants in the interests of the Investigative Committee and the State Border Committee. The places that were planned for these departments are distributed in the interests of the internal affairs bodies.

- Is it possible to compare a competition in a militia alma mater with a competition in other educational institutions?

- Taking into account our specific requirements for a number of positions (including medical examination and psychological examination), this comparison is not entirely correct. Nevertheless, I stress: the competition in the Academy in recent years has not decreased, and the passing score has steadily increased. This indicates that the profession of a policeman is chosen by trained applicants. Last year, 13 people came to us, who had 300 points or more, 78 young people crossed the threshold of 250 points. Our entrant is professionally motivated, trained and physically healthy.

The next aspect. The Ministry of Education has established minimum scores based on the results of centralized testing. At the same time, for all power universities, with the exception of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, the lower threshold is significantly reduced. I emphasize: our requirements for applicants have not changed, they will remain in 2019. In social science there will be at least 25 points, in the state language - 10, in foreign - 15.

I note another important trend. We are dealing with young people who are already clearly and consciously approaching their choice of profession. And this is also a certain principle of selection. In order for it to work, a potential applicant is thoroughly and scrupulously studied in the departmental system. The task of attracting as many candidates as possible to the admission campaign has long been out of the question: it is preferable to find those who will consciously link their fate with the police, at the call of their heart.

In this the role of personnel divisions of militia is great. Their help is tangible, important and effective. And our efforts in this are mutually beneficial. On the ground, there is an understanding: today, the quality of the recruiting structure, which will come to the same unit in four years, directly depends on the level of work done with candidates.

- What are applicants oriented when choosing specialties?

- Everyone has different motives: the desire to continue the family tradition, to get an excellent start for a career, to achieve sound ambitious goals. A lot of those who are attracted by the romance of the profession. Therefore, the applicant specifies the first specialty in the application, based on his inner convictions.

In order to select the best, to create a comfortable psychological environment during the submission of documents, a special mechanism has been developed at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Candidates for training in the order of priority place specialties and specializations for which they wish to qualify if they do not qualify for the first specialty indicated in the application. Further there is no need to redo the documents. The system itself ranks future cadets, based on the scores and their wishes.

- How many people are planning to recruit this year?

- The control figures are approved by the Minister of the Interior. On the full-time form of education we will recruit 436 freshmen. Most traditionally on the specializations of “operational-search activity” and “administrative-legal activity” - 144 and 150 people, respectively. The first prepares employees for operational services - the criminal investigation or drug control, the specialists of the second will be the district police inspectors, traffic police inspectors or the criminal-executive inspection. More subject distribution occurs at senior courses. 60 cadets will each go on to study criminal-executive activity (future specialists of the Department for the Execution of Punishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) and economic law (potential employees of departments for combating Economic Crimes).

- How are the realities taken into account? For example, in recent years, at the hearing of cybercrime. Does the academy prepare specialists able to counter these threats?

- The educational process at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is based on the individual characteristics of each student and is focused on those who strive for high results and are motivated to implement new ideas. We take into account the new trends. The development of information and communication technologies allows us to talk about the relevance and projected growth in the number of cybercrimes. Of course, we need to respond to these trends. Therefore, from September 1, the specialized training of militia officers in the direction of “Countering cybercrime and computer intelligence” will start. The cadets will be able to choose such a direction in the fourth year. They will be trained in operational subtleties - the ability to identify computer crimes, fix unique traces, assign special examinations, take the measures necessary to the disclosure. Upon completion of the course, graduates will possess knowledge that will be useful in any division of the internal affairs bodies.

In the educational process, in addition to our teachers, employees of relevant departments will participate. At the same time, the profile training program is coordinated with the heads of the high-tech crime disclosure department, as well as the main drug control and anti-trafficking department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Prepared by Evgeny Sachek, DIPR MIA.
Photo from the archive of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs