Increased Attention To Personal Security

How to teach cadets about personal professional security? The Educational-methodical management of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs answers the question.

Every employee of the internal affairs bodies knows: his service is connected with risk and ensuring personal security depends on him. But many are beginning to understand this, only once in an extreme situation.

These circumstances can not leave their mark on the process of training future law enforcement officers. Teachers are faced with the task of not only explaining theoretical questions about personal security measures, but also making it so that students learn, remember and learn to comply with these measures in the line of duty. That is why effective training in occupational safety issues involves the use of a variety of visual materials, as it was demonstrated during a public lecture by the Head of the Department of Tactical and Special Training PhD in Law, Associate Professor  Colonel of Militia Dmitry Ermolovich.

The 2nd year cadets of the Faculty of Corrections began studying the discipline “Individual Tactical Training” with viewing and detailed analysis of video recordings of emergencies that entailed negative consequences - harm to life and health of both the employees and others.

The lecturer built the work so that instead of simple observers and trainees, the cadets became active participants in the class. The students were asked to equip the means of protection and active defense. The task clearly demonstrated the importance of proper selection of the size and placement of special funds. This will ensure the preservation of life and health of employees, provided that a high level of professional action is maintained.

Educational-methodical management of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs