The Academy of Internal Affairs Summed Up the Competition of Scientific Works

Each year, the militia academy organizes a competition among its scientists and teachers for the best research work.

According to the results of this competition, nine winners were determined. Thus, the best authors were recognized as a senior teacher of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, PhD in Law, Militia Captain Elena Reutskaya for the monograph “Criminal law sanctions: construction and application”, Professor at the Department of Detective Activity, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor Militia Colonel Valery Rodevich for the monograph “Subjects and participants of the detective activity of the internal affairs bodies: applied problems and their solutions ”, Deputy Head of the Department of Criminalistics, Candidate of Medicine Associate Professor Lieutenant Colonel of Militia Alexander Gusentsov and Head of the Faculty of Science and Education, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of Militia Colonel Mikhail Kashinsky for the textbook “Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge”, Professor of the Department of Criminal Procedure Candidate of Law, Associate Professor Peter Mytnik for the textbook “Judicial System”, Head Department of Philosophy and Ideological Work Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor of Miltia Colonel Sergey Maslenchenko, his deputy candidate of sociological sciences, Associate Professor of Militia Colonel Elena Misun, Associate Professor of the Department, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor Larisa Loiko and Senior Lecturer, Militia Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Yermolinsky for the textbook "Public Relations and Media Action".

Diplomas for the second and third place were awarded to 25 authors of monographs, educational and teaching aids in various areas of law enforcement, as well as in the field of state history and law.

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