Session of the Scientific Community "Operative"

The platform for the discussion of topical issues has traditionally become the Department of Operational-Search Activities of the Faculty of militia.

Representatives of the research department and seven other departments of the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior: civil and labor law, criminology, legal informatics, special tactics, criminal law and criminology, the criminal process, and economic security took part in the meeting of the operative community.

Alexey Tukalo, head of the operational-search activity department, welcomed the guests. In his speech, he spoke about the results of research activities of students and made suggestions on how to attract even more young people to this area.

The head of the scientific community, Igor Shamatulsky, focused attention on the planned conferences and international competitions of scientific works, and also recalled the holding of the university competition of scientific works of students.

The meeting participants discussed the topics of scientific research that young people are currently conducting, and also exchanged views on improving the effectiveness of this activity. They talked about the further development of the scientific community "Operative". The key to success is the active interaction of the interested departments.

According to the materials of the department of Detective activity