Day to be Remembered: Excellent Cadets Were Awarded Thanks

A meeting was held at the militia college with cadets who have achieved high results in their studies, social and sports life, as well as with their parents.

Traditionally, the event is dedicated to the professional holiday of Belarusian law enforcement officers. Parents noticeably worried. Moms sneak in holding back tears, fathers, on the contrary, were extremely serious and focused.

Having entered the hall, the head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Major-General of Police Vladimir Bachila instantly relieved the tension, congratulating on the upcoming holidays. Then he turned to the parents of students with words of gratitude for the upbringing of children:

- You have beautiful children. They stand bravely all the cadet life. And I always say, to be a cadet is difficult, responsible and at the same time honorable. It is very difficult to combine intense study with duty. It is doubly pleased that among the cadets there are real leaders, for whom the future of our country lies. You can be proud of your children. They have already taken place in studies, sports, scientific activities and as citizens of Belarus. Among the graduates of our university are five ministers of internal affairs. Many cadets and students subsequently became generals, serving in positions of responsibility. With a certain degree of dedication, your sons and daughters will also achieve success in their professional activities.

Addressing the cadets, the head urged him to be proud of his educational institution, which, by the way, was awarded the Government Award for Quality Achievement for the second time in a row last year. And also remember that the foundations of the future are laid precisely during training.

From the hands of the head of the Academy of gratitude for the achievement of high performance in performance, excellent results in school and exemplary discipline received by the cadets of the Faculty of Police Alexey Yushkevich, Sergey Vashumirsky, Denis Barkovets, Nikita Borovsky, Andrei Gornashevich, Oleg Dementey, Andrei Kayko, Yevgeny Kovalevsky, Anatoly Kolomyets , Sergey Laptev, Yegor Lastovsky; cadets of the investigative expert faculty Kirill Kachan, Anastasia Lis, Vladislav Pavlovich; Marina Moroz, Roman Naydenov, Nikita Shumansky and Daria Yakunina, cadets of the penitentiary department.

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In a solemn atmosphere, the parents of the cadets also received letters of thanks. By the way, for the sake of such a case, many came to the academy with the whole family.

Police officer Sergei Laptev, on behalf of all the cadets, thanked the parents for their support, and for the university management, faculty members and course officers for sharing their invaluable experience, knowledge, restraint and stamina.

Mom of the future officer Olga Lastovskaya is glad that her son chose the profession of law enforcement officer. And very much appreciates the opportunities offered by the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In a police college, girls and young men can show their talents in various fields of activity.

- Vladimir Vladimirovich! Thank you to all your team for helping our children achieve results, that they are fully developing. We are calm for them. Dear children! To be the defenders of the law is very responsible. Stay an example for your companions and pride for parents. Each of you will pass your way with dignity and success. And we, the parents, will support and help you in any situation.

The meeting continued with acquaintance with the renewed exposition of the hall of the university assembly hall and memorable photographing. Employees of the ideological department of the academy prepared an excursion program for the participants of the event - a visit to the museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Angelica Vydzhak-Targonya, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Photo by Anastasia Voinova, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Interior,
Sergey Odynets, Faculty of Militia, 3 "A" course

General photo of the participants (2.15 MB)