The fourth victory in the Patriot Olympiad is for the cadets of Vitebsk

For the fourth consecutive year, the team of the Vitebsk Cadet School remains the invincible leaders of the Republican Cadet Olympiad “Patriot”.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted an intellectual and creative forum among the cadets. Each year, the militia educational establishment organizes the Olympiad together with the Belarusian Union of Suvorov and Cadet. This is already the fourth. Traditionally, teams of educational institutions, pupils who wear epaulets. For the victory this time fought nine creative teams. The first competition introduced each of them.

"Presentation of the teams" have all appeared bright and memorable - with dances, songs and videos. Many participants not only spoke about their educational institution, but also showed the beauty of their small homeland and revealed the main topic of the Olympiad - the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Belarus. Surprise the jury talent turned out!

By the way, participants evaluated 11 experts. From the side of the main organizers of the event - deputy head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for ideological work and staffing, colonel of militia Alexander Brisyuk, head of the Academy vocational guidance group Valery Strambursky and representatives of the Belarusian Suvorovtsy Union and cadet: chairman of the republican council of the union Sergey Zhitikhin and three deputies Alexey Kashpur, Leonid Bagdasarov and Viktor Rudoi, as well as a member of the Council, Vladimir Poddubsky. Everyone is an expert in a particular field, which is why the members of the jury evaluated the guys' performances not only from a creative point of view.

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The jury began its work by awarding the highest scores to three teams at once: “Shield of the Fatherland” (Vitebsk Cadet School), “Warlords” (Minsk Suvorov Military School) and “Countrymen” (Minsk City Cadet School), for inimitable performance in the first competition.

The second test, the warm-up of the captains, was held in the "question-answer" format. The participants took turns climbing onto the stage, where a ticket with 10 questions was voiced by the presenters - cadets Nikita Sokha and Yegor Lastovsky, whose outlook clearly went beyond the prepared assignments, and the ability to improvise gave a serious note to a light note. To win this competition, participants were required to know the history of the Great Patriotic War, the provisions of the Constitution of Belarus and, in general, erudition. And even the quick wits gave only 5 seconds to think. Two of them did an excellent job - Elizaveta Blokhina (Vitebsk Cadet School) and Evgeny Tsarikov (Minsk City Cadet School), who made only one mistake.

The next stage identified the best speakers. The content of the speeches long before the Olympiad was determined by its organizers, offering the children a choice of several topics at once. Well, the participants did not just prepare and learn three-minute speeches, but put maximum effort into the design of their performance, selecting the appropriate costumes and different props. The Vitebsk cadet Arina Povorotnaya added the most points to the team’s treasury, revealing the topic “Truly great are those whose hearts are beating for everyone”. Three more participants were in the lead: Maxim Verevka (“The officers are knights of the country”) and representatives of the Grodno and Mogilyov regional cadet schools - Ksenia Pekarskaya (“Patriotism is the personification of love for their Motherland”) and Denis Nikiforov (“Protect the Motherland is the most important constitutional duty of every citizen ").

While the captains and speakers kept the defense, the other participants - one by one from the team - passed a written test. Questions related to the history of Belarus and the basic law of the country. According to the results of the competition, Mikhail Bellach was the most erudite.

Four stages passed identified three favorites of the Olympiad - the Vitebsk cadets, the Minsk Suvorovs and “Zemlyakov”. From each other they lagged behind only by one and a half points. But it's too early to relax - in front of the guys two more important tests awaited.

The participants of the next competition were chosen by the team captains, drawing lots. No one knew in advance who would have to take a survey on the content of films of the CIS countries on the theme of the Great Patriotic War. Known were only the names of the paintings. Therefore, a few days before the Olympiad, the teams in full force amicably watched and reviewed all the films from the list.

The Vitebsk cadet Nikita Chernevich and Vladislav Mokhan from the team “Guarding the order” of the Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confidently won the competition. By the way, the points earned in this test allowed the departmental lyceum to claim a prize in the Olympiad.

The performances of the teams in the “Home Assignment” with the staging of one of the previously proposed works of literature became decisive. The “Commanders” received the highest marks of the jury, giving the plot of the poem “My Generation” by Semyon Gudzenko brightly and figuratively on the stage. The main reward for the game was not only the applause of the audience, but also the final second place of the Republican Olympiad.

On the next line of the “Homework” results was the team “Bastion” of the Polotsk Cadet School, and its representative Vladislav Ruban was recognized as the best actor. The guys made a performance based on the story "To live until dawn" by Vasily Bykov. With a minimum difference of 0.1 points, Vitebsk cadets took the third place in the competition, who from the first minutes of the Olympiad declared their intention to become four-time winners and achieved their goal.

On behalf of the audience, she expressed her gratitude to all participants for the impressive performances and wished the guys great success and important discoveries.