Creative Competition For Freshmen of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The “Primary” of the BRSM of the militia Academy held a photo contest and collages “For the Beloved Belarus!”.

The content of the creative works fully corresponded to the title of the competition and was dedicated to the Year of the Small Motherland. The forum itself was held in the framework of the all-Belarusian action of the Union of Youth. As the secretary of the BRSM militia Academy Antonina Borshun noted, the competition was one of the most interesting events of the academy. The first courses of three cadet faculties were invited to participate: the militia, investigative and corrections.

Prize-winning places went to participants who managed to best reveal such notions as patriotism, professional duty, and loyalty to vocation. The victory was won by the author's tandem 1 "A" of the course of the Faculty of Militia  as part of Ilya Ivanov and Alexey Apanasevich. The second place was taken by the work of first-year student of the Faculty of Investigators  Oleg Oreshnikov. The third was cadet 1 "V" course of the Faculty of Militia Pavel Pentyugov.

As part of the All-Belarusian action of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, the “primary organization” of the university will hold open dialogues, meetings, excursions and other events..

According to the materials of the BRSM Academy of the Ministry of Interior