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The Academy of the Interior Ministry Summed up the Activities for the First Semester of the School Year

At the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs an educational-methodical gathering of the faculty was held with the participation of representatives of the customers.

The results of the work for the last semester of the school year have been summed up. Representatives of all government bodies in whose interests the Academy provides training, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the State Committee of Forensic Examination, the State Border Committee, the Department of Financial Investigations of the State Control Committee, the Ministry of Defense .

Opening the event, the head of the educational institution, Major General of Police Vladimir Bachila expressed gratitude to practical departments for their long-term cooperation and striving to improve the training of legal personnel.

First Deputy Head of the University, Police Colonel Alexei Bashan began his presentation with one of the most striking events: On October 2-5 last year, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs hosted the 15th meeting of the INTERPA Executive Committee. This association brings together 72 police education institutions from 57 states. Such a partnership enables law enforcement educational institutions to share best practices in educational, research and other fields.

It is necessary to note also measures to confirm the quality of educational activities of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thus, the state accreditation was successfully completed in the fields of higher education of the first degree: 1-26 01 02 “State administration and law” and 1-99 02 01 “Forensic forensic examinations”. A periodic assessment of the quality management system was carried out by a group of expert auditors of the certification body of the Belarusian State Institute of Standardization and Certification.

- One of the priorities of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the improvement of teaching methods, - said Alexey Bashan. - To this end, our university is developing a new line of training for employees in the line of operational activities "Countering cybercrime and computer intelligence."

In addition, the head listed open training sessions, which have become the most memorable thanks to effective methodological techniques. So, in the lecture of Anatoly Savenok a complex of various methods was used. The possibilities of using a QR code with the help of a special educational service were revealed at a lecture by Alexander Voityul. Tatyana Kattsova during the lesson offered the students to go through an exciting educational quest. Ruslan Ropot delivered a unique lecture with interactive visualization.

At the training collection paid attention to additional adult education. Along with the traditional courses, in this academic year, advanced training courses were held on five new educational programs.

The departments for operational-search activity and psychology and pedagogy have developed a fundamentally new refresher course on the educational program "Improving the performance of employees of units to combat economic crimes of the criminal police of RU-GO-ROVD." Reflected new approaches to the organization of classes. For example, the emphasis is on conducting trainings and business games that allow students not only to gain the necessary knowledge, but also to develop specific skills.

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Active work is carried out with students who have a high intellectual and scientific potential. This year, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs held the first scientific festival "Strive for the sun." His program included the popular science contest "Scientific Fights" and the presentation of a new format of the Olympiad among cadets of a militia university.

22 educational editions were published, many of which have no analogues in the republic. Six of these publications have been assigned to the Ministry of Education, fourteen to the Ministry of the Interior, and two to the educational-methodical association for education in the field of law enforcement.

Noticeable results in the research field. A scholarship of the President of Belarus has been appointed to the Associate Professor of the Forensic Examination Chair Ruslan Ropot. The prizes of the special prize of the President for the social support of gifted students and students were awarded to 10 cadets and graduates of the Academy.

The second part of the training collection was held in the format of the joint work of representatives of personnel customers with the faculty of the relevant departments of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the meetings of the sections raised issues of organization of the educational process in the departmental institution of higher education. Presentations were made by representatives of the Main Criminal Investigation Directorate of the KM MVD Police Colonels Sergey Mikulich and Maxim Svirid, a representative of the Chief Directorate for Law Enforcement and Prevention MOB MVD Police Colonel Vladimir Stanilevich, Deputy Head of the Correction Process Organization Directorate of the MVD Colonel of Internal Service Alexander Kralko, a practice analysis management representative and methodological support of the preliminary investigation of the colonel of the Investigative Committee Justice Yuri Varavko.

Also held a round table of heads of departments on the development of educational and program documentation of educational programs of higher education. The head of the department of planning the educational process of the educational-methodical management of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant Colonel of Police Alexander Akhremchik told about the intricacies of developing a curriculum in the specialty and examined in detail the requirements for educational and software documentation for its design.

The educational-methodical collection of meetings of the departments with the agenda "On the results of the work of the department for the first semester of the 2018/2019 academic year" was completed.

Educational and methodical management, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs