Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Begins Training Specialists in Countering Cybercrime

In September, the specialized training of police officers in the area of Countering Cybercrime and Computer Intelligence starts.

The newspaper “Respublika” published a comment by the First Deputy Head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel Alexei Bashan about the planned training courses.

- Malefactors today actively use information technologies. Not only for cybercrime, but also for the sale of drugs, weapons and other criminal acts. To hide the tracks, the attackers use special programs that help anonymously stay online, using the shadow Internet, ”stated Alexey Vladimirovich. - Our task is not only to prepare specialists for the management of “K”, but also, in general, to equip the employees of the internal affairs bodies with knowledge to combat all types of crimes that are committed using information technologies.

As described in the police university, students can choose such a specialization on the 4th course. They will be taught how to properly recognize the signs of crimes using high technology, how to fix traces and assign the necessary expertise. After completing the course, graduates will possess knowledge that will be useful in any division of the internal affairs bodies.

“On the basis of the legal education they receive, the cadets will thus acquire useful skills in working with high technologies,” said Alexey Bashan. - To teach the cadets, in addition to our teachers, there will be specialists from the Ministry of the Interior, acting employees. The profile training program is consistent with the heads of the high-tech crime disclosure department and the main department for drug control and anti-trafficking of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Read more about countering cybercrime in the publication Respublika.

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