Youth Union: Helping the Elderly

The other day cadets of the Faculty of Militia  of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs visited the Minsk Special Home for Veterans, Elderly and Disabled Persons No. 1 to help the institution cope with the winter snow drifts.

This time the assistants were delegated 1 “B” and 4 “B” courses to the militia department. Active participants of the volunteer movement of the BRSM "Kind Heart" cleared the territory of the veterans' house from the snow.

Cadets from other faculties also find time to participate in social events. For example, representatives of the penitentiary department responded to the request of the Orthodox Church, “Introduction of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple,” and together they helped in snow removal.

Vladimir Rubanik,
Faculty of Militia, 4 «B» course