Presidential Scholarship Awarded to Young Scientist From the Academy of the MIA

Scholarship of the President of Belarus was appointed to an associate professor of the Department of Forensic Examinations of the Faculty of Investigators candidate of law major of militia Ruslan Ropot.

Ruslan Ropot is the author of the invention “A method for analyzing digital images of stamp prints for forensic examinations” and new research methods in the field of forensic forensic examinations. The practical significance of the scientific work is confirmed by two patents, two certificates and an act on the introduction of the forensic examinations of Belarus and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia into the activities of the State Committee.

A talented scientist is a graduate of the investigative expert department of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The departmental university has been working since 2012, and at the department of forensic examinations - since 2015. He teaches the cadets of the disciplines “Ballistics and Judicial Ballistic Examination”, “Forensic Science”, “Forensic Expertise of Cold and Throwing Weapons”, etc., and also helps young people in scientific research in the areas of forensic expertise of law enforcement. Author of more than 50 scientific papers, including textbooks.

GIOS Academy MIA.
In the photo: Ruslan Ropot - participant of the international round table
"Cooperation in the field of expert activities"
Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia named after V.Ya. Kikot