Cadets Joined Charity Campaigns

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs joined the Republican charity event “Miracles for Christmas”, which is annually held during the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Following the good tradition of the militia university, the cadets of the 1 “V” and 4 “V” courses of the militia faculty visited the Zhdanovichsky orphanage, where together with the Snow Maiden they congratulated the children on the New Year and Christmas.

Children deprived of parental affection and love, always need support and attention, and especially on New Year's holidays. The participants of the charity event prepared for the New Year's matinee in the orphanage in advance: they thought through the script, entertainment, riddles, songs, bought gifts and sweets. And everything turned out! The children smiled, joked, danced, recited poems, made wishes and laughed defiantly. Surprise from the cadets of the Academy presented the New Year mood not only to children, but also to all employees of the orphanage. The pre-New Year visit ended with a traditional friendly round dance at the Christmas tree.

Representatives of the militia faculty visited the Moscow Special Home for Veterans, Elderly and Disabled Persons No. 1. The activities of this social institution are aimed at organizing and providing services to citizens in difficult life situations. Throughout the year, the BRSM activists are frequent guests here. Of course, on New Year's, the cadets tried to create a festive atmosphere thanks to a bright presentation. Living in the house of veterans became participants in the festive concert and received the necessary gifts for the New Year's table - sets of products and sweets.

“The cadets of the militia university are permanent participants in charity events, very initiative and kind guys,” said Antonina Borshun, secretary of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union Academy of the Interior Ministry. - They are trying to bring something new to each of their visit, and they especially await the Christmas and New Year holidays. It is important to give good and share a piece of the heart with the people around them. If you look around you will always find someone who really needs it. Our volunteers are always welcome. The mood with which we arrived, and our emotions were transmitted both to children from the orphanage, and to adult single people. They opened, trusted us and everyone felt a holiday.

Future officers agreed that everyone should take part in such actions at least once in their life. Usually it clings the first time, and then it is impossible not to be in the team of good wizards. Also, the guys unanimously note that sensitivity, compassion and care should not end with the holidays.

Angelika Vydzhak-Targonya, GIOS Academy,
Ilya Shalik, Faculty of Militia, 4 "V" course.
Photo by Yuri Chizhonkov, Faculty of Militia, 4 "V" course