Republican Seminar Gathered Teachers of Educational Institutions

At the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they discussed the peculiarities of vocational and orientation work, which the police university organizes in general education institutionsях.

For the past 16 years in all regions of the country, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been conducting vocational guidance work with students in conjunction with teaching staff, territorial internal affairs agencies and education departments. Today, on the basis of cooperation agreements, the militia university interacts with 71 educational institutions, including the Brest regional, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk regional, Mogilev regional, Polotsk cadet schools, and the Specialized Lyceum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And also gymnasiums and schools in which legal classes are created (a total of 219 such classes and 21 groups, uniting more than 5,000 students).

“We managed to create an effective system of vocational guidance work with students, in which schools and other cooperating educational institutions play a very important role,” said the senior inspector of the vocational guidance group, Valery Strambursky, who summarized the performance of the last academic year and gave figures and Facts about this area.

So, this summer, 115 graduates of law classes and cadets entered the academy, and this is every fourth first-year student. Most of the guys came from the Minsk OCU (15) and the Special Lyceum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (14). The academy chose four issues of legal classes of secondary school No. 10 of Lida, three each — Secondary School No. 28 of Brest and No. 4 of the city of Kobrin. There are many more such examples, and you can add to this the admission of children to the law faculties of other universities of our country.

Carrying out vocational guidance work, a police alma mater seeks to educate decent officers from school to interest future applicants in the profession of a law enforcement officer. At the same time, another important task is being solved - on the prevention and prevention of offenses among young people. Olga Polukhovich, social pedagogue of secondary school No. 12, told the seminar how the work of students of legal classes was built in this direction, its features and results. In continuation of the topic, Svetlana Samkova, Deputy Director for Educational Work at Secondary School No. 2 of Polotsk, elaborated on educational activities conducted by young lawyers in junior and middle classes of the school.

The events of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, interesting and diverse, are really many. Among them are open days, most of which are held in regional centers and other cities. The cadets of the faculties of militia, investigative expert and criminal executive do not remain aloof from this work. Future officers attend educational institutions, graduates of which are themselves. At such meetings with students, our children talk about the life of a police alma mater, answer numerous questions related to admission, and talk on legal topics.

The Academy always hospitably welcomes groups of students from various regions who come to Minsk specifically to meet personally with the leading militia university of Belarus. In the past academic year, representatives of 40 educational institutions took part in such a tour of the academic buildings of the Academy.

The current training and methodological seminar allowed the participants to discuss the specifics of joint activities, share the experience of legal classes, talk about bright youth projects of legal orientation, implemented both in individual educational institutions and throughout the country. Traditionally, attention has been paid to events that have become the “calling card” of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, namely, the holding of the legal Olympiad “Themis”, the Cadet Olympiad “Patriot” and the essay competition “We choose the path”. The police college annually holds these republican intellectual and creative activities among students of cadet schools, special lycees and legal classes of educational institutions.

At the seminar, representatives of educational institutions, who are at the forefront of this activity, shared their experience in career guidance and suggestions. Deputy Director for educational work of secondary school number 13 of Grodno Nikolai Podruchny focused on the peculiarities of interaction with territorial internal affairs agencies, military units and public organizations. The teacher of history and social studies of the gymnasium No. 1 of the city of Volkovysk, Irina Klak, elaborated on the work of the summer camp of legal orientation. Deputy Director for Methodical Work at School № 68 of Minsk, Ekaterina Sachek, outlined the main results of cooperation between legal classes of educational institutions of Belarus and Russia. Elena Titova, director of the Moscow school № 152, noted the most important components of the school website.

Significant issues in various fields of career-oriented work were also touched upon in their speeches by Deputy Head of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for ideological work and staffing, police colonel Alexander Brissyuk, press secretary of the Safe Roads of Belarus company Alexander Khilkevich, marketer is a partner of one of the Minsk publishing houses of educational and methodical literature for applicants Marjan Burnie.

Not only the reports included in the program of the seminar. It turned out to be a touching part. At first, the talents of the Academy presented several concert numbers to the guests. Then cadets entered the hall - graduates of interacting educational institutions. The guys delegated by the team on behalf of the entire cadet community expressed their gratitude to the representatives of educational institutions, noting the important role of teachers in the life course of each young person. And at the awards ceremony, the leadership of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted with letters and badges almost 50 teachers who implement career guidance.

Our forum ended with traditional photography (photo here, 3.96 MB).

On the course of the seminar in one of its editions will tell in detail the departmental newspaper "On Guard". The results of the forum will be most fully reflected in the thematic print publication, the preparation of which has already been undertaken by the authors of the Academy of the Interior Ministry.

Anastasia Voinova, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Photos of the author and Ivan Yakovlev,
Faculty of Police, 2 "A" course