In the Center of Attention - the Activities of Educational Units

One after another, there were educational-methodical gatherings: first with the participation of heads of courses from various faculties, and then junior commanders.

In the framework of the events held under the leadership of the deputy chief of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the combat unit of police colonel Valery Zhvansky, the main activities of course officers and junior commanders were discussed. Representatives of the departments of ideological work, psychological support and legal support, as well as operational-duty service reviewed the issues on the agenda. The teaching and methodical gathering with course officers made it possible to thoroughly understand the intricacies of their work, with attention being paid to interaction with cadets and the formation of an atmosphere in teams.

At the meeting with junior commanders, the speakers placed the emphasis in such a way as to maximally cover issues related to interpersonal interaction, internal service and many other areas of activity that each junior commander needs to understand, because this category of cadets is the main assistant to the leaders of training units . It is no coincidence that the most relevant topics were considered by the head of the university, Major General of Police Vladimir Bachila. The meeting with him took place at the beginning of the teaching and methodical gathering.

The academy has already established the practice of holding such events. Their participants discuss the widest range of questions, the management of the university provides comprehensive answers, and the invited experts, each in their own direction, share their work experience, communicate basic regulatory documents and clarify certain provisions.

Anastasia Voinova, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Photo by Ivan Yakovlev, militia department, 2 "A" course