Table Tennis Championship Winners - Second-Year Militia Faculty

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs gathered the most prepared cadets at the annual table tennis championship included in the program of the university.

Competitions were held in the team standings. The sports base of the militia department has traditionally become the venue for their holding, and the judging was headed by Alexander Bulkin, senior teacher of the department of vocational and applied physical training.

Prizes were challenged by the most trained course representatives. The leaders went Alexander Maley and Maxim Muravsky with 2 "A" course of FM. From the same faculty and tennis players who took “silver” 1 “B” course Nikita Golovach and Alexey Nachevko. “Bronze” was won by the graduation team of the criminal-executive faculty - Pavel Buyashko and Vladislav Miklashevich.

The championship took its place in the history of the Olympics of this school year, the program of which includes 8 more different competitions. What will be the general results of the sports forum and what course will mark the absolute victory, depends on the personal contribution of the participants and team points, wages at each stage.

Table tennis competitions are always of interest not only among cadets, but also employees who are passionate about this sport. It is no coincidence that in the current championship their teachers joined the children. Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional and International Law, Lieutenant Colonel of Police Sergey Lugovsky and teacher of the Department of Tactical and Special Training, Police Major Nikolai Matyushenko competed outside the standings.

Anastasia Voinova, GIOS Academy of the Ministry of Interior,
Based on the materials of the Department of Applied Physical Training
and departments of constitutional and international law