Officers of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who fulfilled international duty

Alexander Mistyukevich - warrior-internationalist
reserve militia colonel

Alexander Mistyukevich

From the post of |Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Soviet district executive committee of Minsk, he was sent to Afghanistan, where from September 1980 to March 1981 he was fulfilling an international duty as part of the special task unit of the USSR Ministry of the Interior "Cobalt-1". In a difficult situation acted decisively and confidently. He directed the security team at the site of the unit's deployment, managed to properly organize subordinates' service, not allowing a single incident. By his selfless and skillful actions he contributed to the successful accomplishment of the tasks assigned to the division.
For the courage and courage shown in the performance of a special task, he was awarded the Medal "For Military Merit".