Officers of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who fulfilled international duty

Лазебник Виктор Михайлович - воин-интернационалист
Honored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Major-General of the Militia Retired

Viktor Lazebnik

He was in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan from May 1986 to May 1988, where he was sent from the post of deputy head of the Minsk City Executive Committee. Served in one of the "hot spots" - Kandahar in the position of senior operational officer of the "South" zone of the representation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan. In a short time he established business relations with the leaders of Soviet contracts in the zone, the leadership of the provinces and the commanders of Tsarandoy. Subordinate to him, the Soviet collectives actively carried out work on the construction and development of the bodies and units of Tsarandoy, the expansion and strengthening of the state power in the provinces. With his direct participation, a number of successful military operations against the insurgents were developed and carried out. Together with representatives of the contracts of the Ministry of Defense and the KGB, the USSR held negotiations with the gang leaders about the cease fire. Repeatedly participated in hostilities, fell under enemy fire, showed himself as a brave and courageous person, able to take responsibility and lead a battle in extreme situations. Thus, in July 1986, one of the armored personnel carriers of the group headed by him was undermined. Lazebnik V.М. skillfully organized defense, did not allow the dushmans to seize it, ensured the evacuation of the wounded servicemen of the Soviet army.
For conscientious fulfillment of the international debt was awarded the Order of the Red Star, the Afghan Order "Glory", medals.