Officers of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who fulfilled international duty

Gennady Fedorov - the internationalist warrior
lieutenant-colonel of militia

Gennady Fedorov

While serving in the border troops of the KGB of the USSR as an instructor of the service of dogs of the minor military service of the military unit of 2033, from May 1982 to February 1984 he performed international duty in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. As part of the mechanized group of the Moscow border detachment, he performed service tasks in the province of Rustak. As part of the assault-assault moto-maneuvering group for the destruction of bandit formations, he took part in hostilities in the Kuban Gorge.
For conscientious fulfillment of the international debt, he was awarded medals "Warrior-Internationalist from the grateful Afghan people", "Veteran of military operations", jubilee medals.