Officers of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who fulfilled international duty

Бельский Юрий Алексеевич - воин-интернационалист
reserve sergeant

Yuri Belskiy

Passing urgent and extra-long service in the airborne forces from October 1984 to April 1988 performed international duty in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. He carried out a service for the protection of objects and patrolling the streets in Kabul, participated in military operations outside Kabul in different provinces. So, in 1987, after leaving with a concert at the 3rd outpost, Sergeant Belsky  joined the battle with the "spirits" who crept up to the outpost under the cover of night. Without hesitation, he took the place of the wounded in the battle of the machine gunner, realizing that this was the main fire point of the outpost. The self-sacrificing defense of the paratroopers forced the "spirits" to retreat to the gorges, preventing the capture of the outpost. For the courage and courage shown in the battle with the Dushmans, he was awarded the medal "For Military Merit".
For valor in battle and loyalty to his homeland was also awarded with medals "For distinction in military service" 2 degrees, "Warrior-internationalist from grateful Afghan people", "War veteran", jubilee medals.