International scientific and practical conference in the field of law enforcement activity

On February 20 the international scientific and practical conference “Problems of combating crime and training personnel for law enforcement agencies” will be held at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Minsk.

To participate in the conference are invited law enforcement officers, faculty, researchers, graduate students (adjuncts).

Within the framework of the scientific forum, there will be a discussion of topical issues of legal and scientific support for combating crime at the national and international level, various aspects of training highly qualified specialists for law enforcement agencies. The conference will be organized in the form of a plenary session and nine thematic sections:

  1. Theoretical, legal, constitutional and historical aspects of law enforcement.

  2. Topical issues of administrative law and process, administrative activity of law enforcement agencies and management of internal affairs bodies.

  3. Scientific support of operational-search activity, economic and information security.

  4. Criminal law and criminological aspects of the fight against crime.

  5. Criminal process, forensic expertise.

  6. Problems of the execution of criminal punishments and penitentiary criminology.

  7. Topical issues of psychology, pedagogy and ideology in the system of personnel training for law enforcement agencies.

  8. Special tactical and professional physical training of law enforcement officers.

  9. Civil and procedural aspects of improving law enforcement.